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Tanix TX5 Max Amlogic 905X2 4/32gb Dual Wifi Lan BT4

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    Originally posted by Jancales View Post
    superceleron Why you think all boxes with this processor have so many issues with the software? Could it be the Android version ?
    Na... simple they just use what aml did, dont change much... they add a few stuff here and there but 99% are still stock aml code!
    And of course aml dont do all the work for them!
    Anyway... i just booted 9 on it... dunno if i will rls it, since is a work(employer) rom... depends on their good mood lol!
    Also booted 9 on s905x!


      "T5 Max does have Root Access, unfortunately no Upper or Lower Bars"

      can u elaborate on what you mean with "upper and lower bars"?

      further am i right in assuming that i will be aable to use sambadroid with this box since its rootable by default?

      what are the prospects of using regular android 8 or 9 with this Box in the future or should i rather get accustomed to the alice ui if i want to have a supported firmware that doesnt require much fiddling?


      • trebor
        trebor commented
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        Upper Notification Bar and Lower task bar often seen and wanted by some
        You can try other launchers, Anything is possible, updates can happen when they do, also there is some custom roms for other 905x2 that may work.
        The launcher is OK, just not one of my favs.
        Tanix usually do updates,

      thank you for your quick response!
      can you suggest a source of information where i can get an overview of the options that i have and how to install them?



      the most important thing for me is to use my external usb3 hdd and watch my (legit) uhd bluray isos from it + share the external drive in lan via sambadroid. netflix is not important i can use the app thats installed directly on the tv.

      as for custom roms, id like to avoid dubious stuff and malware, unfortunately i am not very accustomed to custom roms and i am only consider using one if the alice ui turns out to be lame... atm am using a mibox3 and i got used to regular oreo which i like despite not hhaving usb3 and no root access


        So far most of the 905x2 boxes have been OK, and should do as you require most have been getting updates,
        If custom rom is not your thing just jump in someplace and do it...
        look here for info on some of the 905x2 you will see most are much the same I have no real fav all have good and bad
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          thx alot!
          one last question, why is it that all s905x2 boxes have android but not android TV as os? will there be ATV boxes with this chip in the future?


          • trebor
            trebor commented
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            ATV is more for the certified units i think you will find MI Box, Shield etc etc, and secure
            Easier for end user experience and controlled more
            Normal Android for user to fiddle so to speak.

          " i think you will find MI Box, Shield etc etc"

          Do you think there will be amlogic s905x2 versions of those boxes?

          I think its a bit of a dilemma when you would like to have a ATV box with sambadroid... either the box is certified and can have ATV but no root, hence no sambadroid, or you get a vanilla android box that you can use for sambadroid but doesnt have ATV...

          [edit: i wasnt aware that the custom firmwares for the s905x2 on this board are actually Android TV and not custom vanilla Android, therefore i will go for a s905x2, install ATV, use it as im used to with my Mixbox3 except that i can use it as a budget NAS via usb 3.0 and i have to use the Netflix/Amazon apps that are installed directly on my tv for HD/4k]
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            Is auto frame rate switching working with kodi in this box?


              Again Thanks to superceleron and his experimental work on the what he does best,

              Sometimes things can often go wrong and it creates an instant brick, this due to the nature of the beast and it happens (alot)
              Today he has spent a big part of his time to unbrick (Mask Mode) on this device so he can continue, well took him 15 minutes

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                  Would anyone be able to help confirm a problem I am having with the TX5 Pro please. Using some popular media programs that have the "hamburger" menu in the top left corner, I cannot access that hamburger menu using the typical DPad Up, (or keyboard UP arrow). Of course a mouse works to click on it. I'm only experiencing this problem on this new Tanix box, but on multiple different media programs.


                    I have the ΤΧ3 ΜΑΧ and the root switch work pretty well. Does the TX5 MAX have this ?


                      Hi! I need some guidance. I tried to flash the latest firmware with Amlogic Burning Tool but with no luck. Everytime it stucks at 3% "Downloadin UBOOT". I cant find any reset button on the box anywhere! The only way for Burning tool to recognise the device is by plugin the same time the usb cable and the power cable on the box. Am I doing something wrong? Can I flash the ROM by using Burning SD Card tool? Thanx in advance!

                      EDIT: For whom may concern. The Burning SD card tool works. I managed to flash latest firmware, all good.
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                        Need advice/recommendations...

                        Been looking around for my first Androir box for the last month. Will be mostly streaming movies and sports. Down to Tx5 Max or X99.

                        What I like from the Tanix Tx5 Max: Specs, Alice, Root, Gigabit Ethernet, DDR4, Front display (time), S905X2, Digital Audio Out (need that), Oreo, Price.

                        What I like about X99: Specs/Power, Remote/Mouse, Digital out, Giga Ethernet, Front display, New firmware (although I don't know what are the changes).

                        Any advice, suggestions or warnings are appreciated.



                          Hi all

                          Isn't it strange that the TX5 Max doesn't show up in the Tanix homepage?

                          Also the TX5 Max has a fn-link 6222B-SRB wifi chip, while other s905x2 have an AP6255.
                          Am i correct in assuming that a ROM for a box with the AP6255 wifi chip, will render the TX5 Max wireless-less . Assuming it won't brick it in the process XD
                          Any thoughts about that?

                          Does anyone know of another s905x2 box that has the fn-link 6222B wifi chip?

                          Although i feel The TX5 Max is a awesome machine, i really don't like NOT having the navigation and status bar.
                          And there is definitely some work going on the background.
                          The cores never go offline , and idle at (for short moments) 250Mhz instead of 100MHz

                          I've searched high and low, still can't find a stock android ROM for it.
                          Isn't anything out there yet?

                          Thanks in advance