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mecool k7 Flash guide

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    mecool k7 Flash guide

    i dont found any flash guide for this box
    nobody i see on youtube nothing or website

    i have a box with some problems


    Download Burn Card Maker from internet. There are videos on youtube to show you how to use it.

    The firmware needs to be an SD Card.
    when the firmware is on card, insert to k7 box, unplug power and insert a non metal stick into av port, when you hear a click, keep it pressed in while powering on box again.
    the update should auto update.
    however the dtv issues remain.
    If you goolge Mecool k7 forums you will find a few, but its not a lot.


      I confirm drlemon, just adding that bluetooth only started working for me on the Mecool K7 only with the firmware dated 20191015.
      I got it from