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T95q Android 9 Latest Firmware Stock Image (tq_005)

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    T95q Android 9 Latest Firmware Stock Image (tq_005)

    Hi all, I have the latest android 9 firmware for the t95q with realtek 8822.

    I've sold well over 500 of these and I finally found the time to extract rom seeing as no one has it available.
    This is the latest version that is currently shipped with these boxes (tq_005)
    I've pulled it from the box itself, removed forked kodi with addons and added base kodi 18.5 , mxplayer with codec, vlc and quicksupport with addon.
    All stock rom.

    P.s. Do not send me msgs or complaints that you bricked your box, there are a few variants of these (older version). If your box was stock with android 8.1 this will not work. You will not have any network connectivity.
    if you brick it, personally in my opinion, you shouldn't be doing this.