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Easily play with Stadia or Ge Force Now on cheap Tanix T3 S905X3 4g/32g

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    Easily play with Stadia or Ge Force Now on cheap Tanix T3 S905X3 4g/32g

    A quick tutorial for android box gamers (easy difficulty), no cracked apps, everything is legit and if you want a premium account you will have to pay

    Thanks to the great work of programmers out there, it is possible to play Stadia right now on Tanix T3, a 40 euro box with s905x3 on it, buyable even on Amazon prime.
    Stadia works well and if u have a cheap chinese bluetooth controller u will play immediately with hi res graphic games at least in the 2 free months, if u like adventures (Gylt), fps (Destiny 2 and Zombie Army), driving games (Grid).
    Geforce Now works even better
    Obiouvsly both apps are not supported on our box

    - GEFORCE:
    simply download apk wherever u want and install it, app runs well, generic bluetooth joypad is supported, if u wanna wait in line is free!!

    - STADIA
    1) Method 1 the easiest: just install chromium for stadia from here Chromium will recognize your generic joypad when you visit in desktop mode, unluckily for some reason the resolution is set very low and the game lags, i cannot find a way to solve it on this box (works well on Q4 all winner box)
    2) Method 2 slightly difficult (REMEBER FLASH CAN BRICK DEVICE it never happened to me, but it's good to say, bad side you lost 40 euro)
    a) first download this wonderful rom, it's frequently updated and works very well on T3 (just mirrored front clock and long time first boot), it has magisk and viper inside!!! It's easy to flash, follow guides and use usb burning tool 2.2., others won't work
    b) open and update magisk (direct recommended), everything should work without problem
    c) install taichi magisk module, you can find it here Taichi is Xposed or i should say Edxposed cause it works on android 9, so u can install modules on it. You have to install the Taichi module for magisk, the other one won't work
    d) install xtadia taichi module, you can find it here , later make it active in Taichi modules
    e) download stadia apk: it will work only versions until december 2019, more recent versions will have graphical artefact on T3 (no problem in my other Allwinner android box)
    this is the last one working in my tests