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H96 PRO TV Box Amlogic S912 Android 6, 2/16gb or 3/16GB, Dual WiFi, Gig Lan, BT4

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    Download Android 6.0 stock firmware for H96 Pro TV Box



      (MD5 : 73D093A9C9720F0A44ED5E7E3DDF6AF8)
      update complete, but Crash and freezing occurs


      youtube 2160p
      Let me know how streaming


        I ordered one 3GB/16GB from Aliexpress, I hope it will work (at least the main functions)...


          I have a H96 Pro Android box. But kodi keep crashing.
          So I have download the firmware to reflash but when try to load to flash program I get this message" create workflow xml file failed"

          How can solve this or the issue that kodi keep crashing




            Hi guys, sorry if this is not the right thread, I have this tv box and it worked fine until I turned it off, now when I boot it's stuck at the s912 logo and then black screen. I don't even have a firmware zip file to try and restore it from recovery and I dn't know what to do help please?


              H96 PRO * .zip format now do not be updated

              1. H96 PRO BOX reset button to initialize
              2. The standard type A to A USB 3.0 and 2.0 cable + * .img format updated

              See update
              aml_s912_q6330-H96PRO-MAC-20160914.img is freezing occurs


                Got to ask did you not like the led tube? or did they gule it to the plastic?

                I just opened up the R-box pro, clearly the same unit, but you could pull the led tubing away from the plastic.

                Only difference I can see is the rbox had an extra LED that went in the slot under the logo. Click image for larger version

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                  hello guys,i buy this box android,and i want to know ones things,where i can download the updates for this box?and how i can actualice the box?beacuse the updater app never found a new firmware... thanks!

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                    New firmware H96Pro 2/16Gb ONLY BOARD Q9377

                    New firmware H96Pro 3/16Gb ONLY BOARD Q9377


                      I purchased 10 of these boxes from DH Gate and they have the 20161101 firmware on them. I have had issues with the wifi not working properly and have been trying to update the firmware since I received them. They sent me a link to download aml_s912_q6330-H96-PRO(3+16-kodi16.1)-mac-20161105.rar (This unzips to a .img image file) which is apparently the newest firmware and also a link to a card burner to create a bootable sd card. I've tried repeatedly to update but am not getting anywhere. Here are the steps I've taken to install this firmware, can someone please tell me if I'm doing something wrong?

                      1) Unzip the rar file
                      2) Insert the SD Card into the PC
                      3) Run the card burner which formats the SD Card and installs the image file onto it.
                      4) Install SD Card into the tv box.
                      5A) Tried using the update app and choosing the local install option but no file is available to choose for the update.
                      5B) Tried installing SD Card with no power to the TV box then powering it up with the reset button pressed but all I see is an Android Guy with a red X on his chest. I did this because I read somewhere that you have to go into recovery mode to initialize the firmware update.

                      Obviously I'm doing something wrong and hope someone can help.

                      One other note, if I double click the image file on my PC it tells me it's corrupted.



                        I recently purchased the H96 Pro+ 3gb/32gb from Aliexpress. My unit came with firmware 20161118

                        I install Kodi myself from scratch with only a couple addons that work the best.

                        Kodi is crashing non-stop on this box. It never crashes while a movie is playing, but it will crash within 5-15minutes of just browsing around any of the menu options, or browsing through lists (it does not matter if I browse movies from attached storage, network storage, or use add-ons, kodi crashes under all areas).

                        I have used MANY tv boxes (many s805, s812, s905). This is my first s912 box, and I do not like it because it is just not stable.

                        I cant seem to find anything related to the crashes in the Kodi log files. I think its the Android OS causing the app to shutdown, but not sure where to find appropriate android os log.


                          If it is crashing after a video has played you can fix this in Kodi by going to System/Video/Acceleration and disabling the Amcodec. Close and reopen Kodi and it should work fine. Hope this helps


                            Originally posted by Terence_G View Post
                            If it is crashing after a video has played you can fix this in Kodi by going to System/Video/Acceleration and disabling the Amcodec. Close and reopen Kodi and it should work fine. Hope this helps
                            SPMC version 16.5.1 had fixed it, see http://spmc.semperpax.com. I used the latest version for a few days now. Did not experience any crash. Note that Play Store does not have the latest version 16.5.2, therefore I download it from that site.



                              Thanks for the info, I will give it a try. Now if I could just figure out how to keep up with firmware updates...............



                                i think i will will be using SPMC exclusively going forward, it's working great. Thanks again