Googled alot for this i could not find it any where on google or yahoo so i spoke with the seller i bought my box from and they gave me the download
for the orignal stock firmware i needed this firmware because i flashed a custom firmware from here...
and my user exsperiance was not good i had no wifi and i certainly did not want to unscrew the box
because i fear i break it i knew i had LMT wifi chip because i flashed T95U firmware which has same wifi chip
so was no need to unscrew i also used an app from the playstore which told me what wifi chip i have
by entering the mac adress and that app is called wifi analyzer...

the amazon seller even gave me instructions on how to apply the update with the amlogic sdcard maker..
but that kinda failed so i used the usb burning too to install my stock firmware...
long story short stick to stock and have a much better user experience than i did coz up till late googleing endless amount of nothingness is not gud !

to install use usb burning tool !



and remember stay stock stay happy!

Enjoy !