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Bad RAM?

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    Bad RAM?

    Well, I think my box finally died.

    I can flash all my library of firmwares just fine, no errors, but box will not display or boot. Cables and all are fine, just had intermittent boot failures and started to flash, only to find it will not boot anymore.

    I had two random boot ups after a few flashing attempts, with both locking up after boot completed. One kept on giving system error, wait or end.

    Using the SD Card boot to flash, I only get a blank green screen and nothing, no matter what options and firmware is used.

    I'll give it the ol shake n bake before tossing. Lucky for me my multi meter has a temperature probe that I can check the board as I heat it up. Works well on multi layered circuit boards.

    oddly the only area of question on power output is one ceramic cap on the underside of the CPU and memory, it does not have any voltage when the power is on. All the others are 1.8v, 1.0v, and 1.5v. I find it very odd that of the large ceramic caps, that one does not have any power. I tried tracing and testing continuity between the cap and other power sources, and see nothing on my mete
    May try jumpering 1.0v to it and see if it blows. Ha! If shake and bake don't help, I may even tie 1.5v to it, and see if it boots.

    Yep, if a board is dead, you can't kill it any more than it is.