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Partial Success! Key remapping for passing on to Shield TV apps

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    Partial Success! Key remapping for passing on to Shield TV apps

    I found an old shield app that does not break when used on my box, as all newer apps will detect my box ad non shield tv, or are made for oreo only.

    my question is the app only accepts shield tv controler key mapping... is there a fake shield tv controller app that allows standard game contollers to work with shield tv only apps?

    or is there a way to make tincore key remapper work with air mouse to push key remapped keys to shield tv apps?

    thank you

    I found some headway... but not clear on how it works as of yet. This app is a bit complex, and i am clueless on how to keep the config to stick.

    The good news is, on a full keyboard air mouse you can use the enter key to make your selections. So once you move the mouse to a particular area, the enter key will used to select it, rather than the select key on the Dpad.

    Trouble is I cannot figure out how to make the keyboard pop up for search and most important user account information for logins. Other than that, The older Shield TV apps will work just fine on our ATV enabled boxes.

    Now I will search for more Shield TV steaming apps that are not available on google atv apps store. Hopefully I will find NBC Sports, My5, ITV and SBS OnDemand. The only thing needed for the Shield TV apps to function, is to get keyboard entry to function using the Tincore keyboard mapper app.


      hmm.. perhaps
      Aurora Store - a Google Play Store alternative Now have access to Play Store without GooglePlayServices ( see xda forum)
      But most important : it supports spoofing devices.. including Nvidia shield TV
      just a thought..


        Thank you, but it seems using early Shield TV apps without reverse engineering the apk, will not launch android keyboard.

        I did try another method. I used a virtual reverse mirroring app to send real time touch screen input from my tablet, as a controler to my TV box . The Shield TV app does process touch screen input much smoother and is a lot better than any other remote method, but still will not launch android keyboard.

        I may give a try with installing leanback keyboard and setting it as default. Hopefully it has a call routine that is shared by Shield TV apps. If I can get this app to use a keyboard, then i can start loading more shield tv apps and run them.