Geekbuying 7th Anniversary with great Promotion!

Around the world, you can find a lot of online stores. But in short, one of the most loved by users is Geekbuying.
Not only because it has an impressive number of products that are in all categories, but also because it presents us with
great promotions. Freaktab and Geekbuying have been grown together so let us celebrate it!
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AFRd: Auto Frame Rate Daemon

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    AFRd: Auto Frame Rate Daemon

    This is not my work nor storage, be kind and re-upload to maintain access. (Remember to support the Dev((anpaza)) if you find their efforts helpful).

    Developer: Andrey Zabolotny, anpaza @
    Homepage: AFRd: Auto Frame Rate Daemon .... automatic frequency/refresh rate switching Tool


    Works on most S905 , S905W , S912 , S905X2 , S905Y2 chips/firmware.


    Bottom line for me: Foreign streams in Kodi(Krypton 17.6) connect and play instead of falling back to source selection.