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TAP PRO (the unknown) - Help me finding right ROM!

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    TAP PRO (the unknown) - Help me finding right ROM!

    Hello all,
    i have one of the most unknown boxes here, the TAP PRO, powered by S912 SOC, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 16GB ROM (Samsung eMMC), probably using Qualcomm QCA9377 wifi chipset, and so on...
    [Here's related post made by one mod:]

    From day-one i had to flash another ROM, because i couldn't have a proper working rom (UI and Play services keeping crashing since boot), so i flashed this one: ROM
    Still now it's working flawlessly, but now i want to get a new ROM to improve image quality, having newest security patches (maybe a newer Android version too) and so on.

    But i don't know which ROM to choose!
    I'm pretty sure i think i should take Beelink GT1 based ROMs (or Vorke Z6 based ones), but i don't know if i can get lastest ROMs i can find here on forum, like the PoisonATV, the Minixfreak, the atvXperience and so on...
    And if i could use the antonio6o6 modded versions of these ROMs (there are optimized for Minix U9-H, should i use them on my TAP PRO?).

    Hope you can help me finding the right ROM i can use!
    Thank you so much, keep in touch!
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