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H96 Pro + LPDDR3 final release firmware fixed!

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    H96 Pro + LPDDR3 final release firmware fixed!

    After so many mis-givings with the best and latest firmwares, I decided to fix last year's last firmware build for LPDDR3 H96 pro + boxes. YAY!

    I gave up on ATV Xperience, Eye TV, SCV4A, SCV7A, and other custom builds. None gave 100% compatibility with old and latest apps. Though most fruited the beer, to make it taste better.

    Because many of the latest ATV apps are with dark back ground, the stock firmware is best as it has a nicer sized pointer done in white.

    The biggest issue with the stock firmware is the developer forgot to make sure Google Apps were properly done, and the new Launcher had faults with stability, and was easily replaced with TV Launcher3

    I used my ATV mod instructional to apply ATV compatibility, and replaced the wrong Google Play Services with the proper one.

    The issue is you need to switch back to phone permissions and reboot to run My5. I had CBC Gem running but killed it by adding with extra mods, that I remove components and test further.

    All new apps run! YouTube TV, YouTube ATV, Live Stream, Pluto and many many more.

    Run any Launcher you prefer and be happy no gimmicky stuff to distract you from apps you cannot run.

    Since this box has only L3 DRM, you must use mobile apps to run Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, Vudu, and some other pay for service. You can run Movies Anywhere tablet, which is like TV and HBO Go both ATV and Phone for DTS output.

    Do we have the link for the rom u r referring?


      I think it's this one... aml_7.1_s912_q201_q9377_H96PROPLUS_LP-mac-20180706.img

      it start up with a large H96 Pro + logo and animated MBOX boot up, and is rooted.

      I recommend unsure after loading twrp 3.1.1

      Once cleaned up, and installing Magisk 16, without doing any updates, Xposed will not lag much during boot. This is the fastest firmware stock and any variant of SCV firmwares.

      I replaced the stock launcher with a previous build to keep the updated DROID settings and TV settings, which is has some better menu setups for video adjustments.


        Can you please post the url to download ?


          Got it


            I think it is this link... though, I am cutting down the mods I used in my reply. You will need these basics to run NBC ATV, and live channels, a mung a few true ATV apps... second screen, second screen setup, atv remote, atv customization, droid logic, global key interceptor, TV provider, TV, recommendations, Google package installer, over scan, remote control service, and Google partner setup.



              Okay, here is the run down... I chose to keep the phone Google Apps, with a mix of ATV. Reason being, until all my streaming apps are ATV compatible, then I will move on to a pure ATV experience.

              found my issue with the latest CBC GEM TV app. It is poorly built, as it just dumps you with a force close when playback happens in ATV. The fix is simple revert by switching from ATV permissions back to Phone permissions, and reboot.

              as long as you keep the phone Google services updated, Google play store remains intact as phone play store. Once you update play services to ATV, then play store will break and force ATV play store when next update is pushed automatically. One way to keep any updates from doing background pushes, is to stay at or a revision higher than current, but so far phone services revisions has never been updated last, in the year of testing, over ATV.

              so, CBC GEM and My5 are strictly phone based apps. Thus the reason I must have a script to swap permissions and reboot to use them. Once they are more compatible then I will make a more pure ATV setup with Google play services.

              NBC ATV v4.22 is broken, but v4.21 is fine. I think it requires a pure ATV setup with ATV services and play store to function. Or like CBC GEM is is broken. Funny thing is it loads with NB (missing C and last chime doesn't play) then FC when setting up menu.

              I bet next week NBC pops up with another revision. Ha!

              also found my super mega host file that blocks undetected trackers and ad servers, breaks A&E ATV v1.0, Fox Now ATV v3.10, and a few other newly released apps. Funny thing is A&E should be built the same as History ATV, and Lifetime ATV, as there is hardly if any difference in layout and revision on releases.

              So, I tossed my super mega host file on my box and kept it on my tablet, as my tablet has no issues with it.

              So far I don't have a need for chrome cast, atv remote and voice input. So none of the features are installed. Also makes system more responsive, just have to set Always Turn Off Mic on apps that have mic control permissions not set.

              apks not required for atv... ATV Webview, backdrop, smspush, atv shared libraries, ATV remote service, chrome cast built in, lean back launcher with widget and app drawer, pumpkin, remote control service.
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                Hi I have CZ-S32-V6.1 Black board tv box. I looking for stable rom. I cant find. Help me please.


                  Originally posted by mesutpeker View Post
                  Hi I have CZ-S32-V6.1 Black board tv box. I looking for stable rom. I cant find. Help me please.
                  I assume It is the same build as what I shown in the link, but has a different boot loader. So if you have the latest firmware for your box, the option is to change to an older launcher and reinstall the proper play services and play store, after flashing twrp and removing root, using unsu, before installing magisk v16. Once you have that done, do a factory data wipe and see if the system is more stable. Once verified, you can manually patch away at which system files to make your box more useful.

                  Since DRM L3 has been hacked, there are some other libraries being ripped and tweaked to allow other DRM modules to be installed to fix Chrome cast and Play ready. Check along the Russian sites, as they may have packages to flash with or libraries to drop manually into your system.

                  I will eventually get around to making a zipped upgrade folder for peeps who are playing with custom roms, it will have most of the latest updates, minus Google patches, as the original firmware will not function with the patches that are built on a newer build than what most have. Example Stagefright it's self cannot be replaced but it's modules can with better newer codec builds, as with some omx libraries.

                  I will not make a conversion package to make any box 100% ATV, but it will make any S912 box run ATV apps with a proper launcher or set of launchers. If mixing Apex with TV launcher for ATV apps.


                    Is the software corrected by you correctly reproducing video files (.mkv) + DTS sound?


                      Does the .mkv + sound of the DTS sound play smoothly after repairing the firmware? Because when it comes to video, so far only the AlfaWise H96 PRO + 3 / 16Gb - 3 / 32Gb - 3 / 64Gb - SCV7A 7.1.2 firmware works properly - the supercelerona, but there is no DTS sound - and this is a problem.