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Mecool M8S Pro s912 reset button aborted

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    Mecool M8S Pro s912 reset button aborted

    hello people I have a new problem my reset button is aborted

    how can I now bypass the reset button

    in the picture I have the place where the reset button should be marked red

    By aborted do you mean it is not working or broken? You do realize the reset button is not a normal physical button. Its like a bit of bubble metal over contacts and you use a paperclip end to press through a pin hole in the case to activate it. You can normally feel/hear a little click/press when its pressed down and active.

    I can not see the reset button clearly from your picture. If the metal contact that is meant to be there is missing you may well be able to jumper the reset as we do with the MECOOL M8S PRO L model that does not come with a physical button (metal contact). You can use a pair of metal tweezers to jumper/activate the reset switch if that is the case.