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    M8S Pro questions

    Hi folks

    I just got an M8S Pro L box and I have a few questions:

    - Does this thing have a microphone? Mine acts like it thinks it does, but it never hears anything, this is while connected to my receiver via HDMI.

    - Google play does not automatically update it's apps (I even toggled the setting), even after clearing google play data. In fact, the apps don't even show up in google play 'my apps' until I find them by searching manually and update them. For example - youtube, netflix, etc. I'm concerned that things like google play services probably won't be updated. Play music doesn't show up in the app list even when installed!

    - I can cast to it from my Samsung tablet, but neither of my Axon 7's will - one just silently fails and one says something like 'error connecting to M8S Pro L'. When I look at the M8S pro in google home, no settings are available from the ... top right drop down.

    thank you

    Hello, I saw this question and I decided to stop for a while to respond.

    1 ° - No SetupBox comes with built-in microphone, in fact the microphone must be in the remote control, but only some manufacturers have a control with this hardware. For example, Xiaomi with MiBox.

    2 ° - So, this firmware that Mecool has released is a modification to look more like Android TV (Interface that comes in Sony Smart TVs and on NVIDIA Shields TV)

    3 ° If you talk about the screen-mirroring option, well, it does not even work, try downloading another app for that. But if it's not about that, then I'm just sorry I did not quite understand yuor question.