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Mecool BB2 Pro 3Gb Ram 16Gb and issues

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    Mecool BB2 Pro 3Gb Ram 16Gb and issues

    Hi, I'm an owner of this device with 7.1.1 Android version.
    1) I was disappointed for default launcher and even if you change the default launcher when you restart device the default launcher is loaded before...

    2) However I can bear the default launcher but I don' t know how can I set the status bar.
    If you go in Settings->Display I don't find status bar item to activate the bar...and for me is very important this feature.

    3) the same thing is for notification bar...

    4) The last thing is that the TvCenter (Kodi) takes a long time to load. Why?

    I'm wonder if I can change the rom to get soma important features available in Android.
    I'm very disappointed for my buying and I don'f know which other model I can follow to load a different and good firmware.
    For example can I consider my device similar of M8S one?
    Can I flash a Superceleron or some other rom.
    Thanks in advance...