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M8S Pro L bricked after flashing

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    M8S Pro L bricked after flashing


    I have just wanted to flash but not working...

    I have use the burn package with burn card maker, put the micro sd card in the box and reboot but the box reboot normally.

    So I have open a terminal and type "reboot recovery", now I am in TWRP and I Wiped all.
    After that I go in "Install" and select the image in the external sd card, i select "flash on recovery" and slide, but i have this message : "size of image is larger than target device"

    And now I can't reboot the device, it's staying on boot image nexus.

    How can I flash it now, cause I have no more an OS on it ?
    (I haven't a USB/USB cable....)

    Thank you to help me .... :'(

    Connect otg port of the box with male to male usb cable with pc and use usb burning tool to flash box with new firmware


      yes thanks, just done and all is ok