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Mecool M8S Pro L non-voice, Android 7.12 Tablet OS

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    Mecool M8S Pro L non-voice, Android 7.12 Tablet OS

    Ok, guys, I screwed up. I ordered the Mecool M8S Pro L non-voice and Android 7.12 tablet OS by mistake. (Don't shop online at 3am, life lesson!) I actually ordered it some time ago. It was shipped from China and stuck in the mail for over a month as Canada Post has been on strike. It's long past the time where I could return it so I'm stuck with it.

    I also have the voice controlled model. I compared them with the Aida64 app and it looks like these two are identical as far as hardware goes. Both are hardware version LB. The only difference that I could find between the two was the FCC number and, of course, the remotes and OS. Aida64 doesn't ID the wifi and bluetooth chips but honestly, I can live without them. I always use a wired connection and I have lots of wireless keyboards.

    Is it possible to flash Android TV OS to the non-voice model? I know that there is no way to get voice control but that doesn't matter either.


    I've read people trying to flash atv firmware and then having problems.
    Read up on the forums see what ppl are saying

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