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MeCool M8S Pro locked in GUEST MODE

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  • RiCkLaR_atvX
    If you just want to keep using the same firmware the device has: Enter terminal ~> type: reboot recovery ~> press enter ~> select Factory Data Reset ~> press enter. This will reset your device and you can keep using it. The only way to switch back to Owner-user is only if you previously had setup a device pin like a phone, but because it is a tv box you didn't and now you are locked as a secondary user mode.

    Better yet is to just upgrade the firmware, then do a factory data reset, Megendanz has great ROMs for Mecool devices so just find the one that matches your particular device. If you have a windows laptop install firmware Tool and select custom rom image file, while tv box is still connected to tv connect USB-2-USB cable to TVbox USB port and laptop, then click Start in Tool, in live device open terminal enter: reboot upgrade, device should go black screen waiting for upgrade over USB and Burn Tool should recognize box and be able to install firmware. There are other ways to upgrade the firmware like SDcard method or Short circuiting pins on board to enter Mask-ROM mode to burn firmware image, do whatever works best for you.
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  • NatasPad
    started a topic MeCool M8S Pro locked in GUEST MODE

    MeCool M8S Pro locked in GUEST MODE

    I've scoured the web and am unable to find anyone in the same situation or any solution. I'm not one to ask in forums, but this one has me stumped.

    I've installed apps that make notifications appear at the top of the screen (Messenger / Line etc.) When I get a notification I can pull down the drawer, which I do sometimes just for fun..
    Today I saw the "Switch Users" option and thought I'd check it out.... Big mistake. I didn't know that you can not switch back again. I was dumped into the same New Box setup screen as when first turn on the box, and had no choice than to do the setup, since then I've been trying to find a way out, the box will reboot to the main account where I seem to have full access for about 20 seconds then it says "Switching User" in the middle of the screen.... loop. There are no options in the settings menu for Users other than the google account kind of user. I have a few tools installed some of which I understand a little. Developer options, a Terminal, if those are useful, I have managed to boot to safe-mode, no difference, even got into the Debug menu, but nothing there than the option to wipe seemed of any use. I do not want to wipe the box.. I do however want to try an alternative firmware and have been lurking here for months trying to figure out which would work and whats different, highly unsuccessful at this because it's a real jungle in here, learning curve high even for a long time technician and electronics bug.

    Anyway if you go this far, and have any suggestions I'd be grateful and will try to give back when I can.