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Magicsee iron plus s912 ddr4

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    Magicsee iron plus s912 ddr4

    Hi guys,
    i use this TV box.
    Sometimes it s shocking.
    No action.
    Firmware is android 7.
    Is there any good firmware or advise?
    See you.

    I'm not familiar with this China Box.
    1. What is the actual errors/freeze issues?
    2. Is it under warranty/ worth returning?
    3. Where did you buy it? Does the vendor have newer firmware on their site( if they have a web presence.)
    If you want to play/tweak.
    1. Have you checked if you can unbrick ,if you make a mistake?
    2. Is it overheating/ placement?
    3. What is your current firmware?
    4. Pics of the PCB can help in some cases (board version, # ram chips).
    5. Research these forums and Google for more info.