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Need help with Tanix TX9 Pro..

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    Need help with Tanix TX9 Pro..

    Hi to everyone and thank you in advance for your help.

    So here's my story:

    Until recently the main reason i used TX9 (which is also the main reason i bought it, aprox. 3 years ago), is to install my telecom provider's iptv app (from google play store) and enjoy its streaming services, for which i pay a monthly fee of course. As expected, my provider's iptv app detected TX9's stock firmware root access and wouldn't start. For that reason i installed supersu, removed root and supersu afterwards and everything was OK..

    About a month ago my provider decided to make a new iptv app (with ott features) and disabled the old app. And here comes the problem.. For some weird reason (which i cannot understand), the new app, although i can sign in and reach the available channels, whenever i try to open any of the channels, it gives me a root detection message making the app unusable on the TX9.. (note that TX9 continues to be unrooted - since the supesu unroot i perfomed. Also i removed busybox which was also installed, but no luck either... the app insists on finding root..)

    Bonus info: From an extensive research i performed at my country's forums, there are others like me with this problem (and with different boxes), stating that this new iptv app runs only on boxes certified by google with an original android tv os (i don't know where they found this info) such as Mecool KM1,3,8,9 / Xiaomi MiBox S / Nvidia Shield (these 3 are tested from others and the app is running as it should) - complete list here: https://storage.googleapis.com/play_...d_devices.html. They also state that if anyone has a box which was originally rooted (with no authentic android tv os), whatever he does to unroot it, this app simply won't play..

    So my question is this: Is this possible? And if it is, is there any firmware for TX9 available, capable of simulating the above conditions or any other trick that will allow me to run the app i want, without the need to buy a new box..

    Any help / recommendation much appreciated!!

    TX9 with S912 correct? Can try Superceleron's Android 9 Rom, has two variants the USER and USERDEBUG, the User-build should work for ISP-streaming-apps.


    If for some reason the ISP-app developer made the app only available for DRM-Widevine-L1 devices then it still won't work because ROM is only Widevine-L3, but one of the reasons Superceleron made the USER-build was so his ISP-app worked on his devices.


      Thank you very much!! Yes i have the original TX9 with S912 (http://www.tanix-box.com/project-vie...2-android-7-1/) and 3gb ram.
      I'll try your suggestion and post back the results as soon as possible!


        Unfortunately it didn't work.. I successfully flashed Superceleron's rom but it's the same problem: though i can sign in my provider's app, when i try to stream a channel i get the root message..
        So, i suspect there isn't anything else i can try?

        thnx again for your help!


          Check out these forums...

          Possible chance that firmware "CustomROM 7.1.2 board from 05/02/2018 TANIX TX9 Pro set-top boxes and 3 \ 32" may not have root ,but,I could not find it...

          It seems that Tanix Tx9 Pro is similar to TX92-LP-A, but with different wifi. You will need to research.


            Sorry for not posting back for soooo long but i hadn't much time lately to further explore this...

            Nevertheless, i am writing this post to inform you that two days ago and after many (i mean really too many failed attempts to solve this, by testing alternative firmwares), i finally manage to solve my problem by flashing the firmware available here (i choose the S912 version of the firmware of course, which is suitable for my tx9).

            I really don't know what's so special about this firmware, that made my ISP's OTT app work, but it's working now and that's all that matters for me!!

            Anyway, thnx again for all your help!