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Help! Help! :-) can't find working rom for z69plus 3GB/32GB

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    Help! Help! :-) can't find working rom for z69plus 3GB/32GB

    So, my box is :

    Wechip z69plus 3gb (ddr3)/32gb
    procesor s912
    CPU ARM Cortex-A53 octo-core 1.5 GHz
    gpu: mali 820
    wifi: AP6255
    android 7.1.2 nougat

    I opened device and find that chips are:

    klmbg4geac-b001 - eMMC flash 32GB
    Pulse H5007NL and Realtek RTL8211F for Gigabit Ethernet
    AMPAK AP6255 wireles module (11ac + bt 4.1)
    K4EBE304EB-EGCF ddr memory
    board : logic q201 ; ZY_MX177_V02 ; F-M E351308 (1736)

    I'm going crazy with this box.. Bought it second hand from ****.. It worked for a few days, and in one moment during VLC instalation it freeze and at that point my torment start..

    Tried original rom z69Plus_3G_7.1_0824
    and few roms for look a like devices
    AlfaWise H96 PRO+ 3/16Gb - 3/32Gb - 3/64Gb - SCV7A 7.1.2 (DDR3/DDR4 and 9377 Wifi Chipset)

    Result basicaly allways the same.. Android starts and then some kind of freeze graphic on screen . If I click with the mouse usualy can get message settings isnt responding or media center isn't responding or something like that with offer to close the app , but when I click on that nothing happens.. I do flashing with USB_burning tool. If I use sd card with card maker, after instalation of new rom - black screen and i can recover from that only with shorting pins on eMMC..

    I would say that something is wrong with hardware or cooling of procesor something like that..

    but from the other hand If I go to recovery that works ok.. I can Install TWRP and it works ok for as long as I want.. So I guess it would not work if some basic hardware problem exist..

    Am I missing something?

    Do you know for some older version of original firmware?

    Do I need to do something before using USB burning tool?

    my usb cable type A male to type A male is home made. Is it possible that could be the problem. I did connections ok ( identical wire colors together )..

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    Originally posted by juricom View Post
    Try another charger! I already replaced mine...
    And try this firmware:
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      Originally posted by lyubodelev View Post
      Try another charger! I already replaced mine...
      And try this firmware:
      Thanks for trying to help me!

      Unfortunately those firmwares didn't solve my problem. On version 4 intro video works ok, but after that freeze screen again. I'll try with different charger.. What was the simptoms of your bad charger? freezing?


        Originally posted by juricom View Post
        Boot logo appeared and then suddenly "No sygnal " on screen... So you can try replacing the charger, but also replace the HDMI cable and open the cover of the box for better cooling!