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atvX-v2h-u9h Minix -usb port working vpn beta 2

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    atvX-v2h-u9h Minix -usb port working vpn beta 2

    credi go to forum.atvxperience changes:
    leanback keyboard replaced by Leanback Keyboard Pro. Stock leanback keyboard isnt multilangual + it has big problems with stock minix remote - it just ignored OK button on it.
    removed zipalign script. zipalign failed to launch with "error: only position independent executables (PIE) are supported"
    added nosleep script. tv box wont go full sleep, instead it will just disable video output, so USB and bluetooth wont turn off. Usefull if you use bluetooth or USB controls. Led wont go dim green tho - it always will be bright blue
    Backdrop.apk replaced with modified one - no "Chromecast" text on it now.
    More keylayouts
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    On this bill you don't need the USB C drive you can connect your Bluetooth direct to the USB port it's working now on this build