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Convert Nandroid to Aml burn tool Img

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    Convert Nandroid to Aml burn tool Img

    Hi guys,

    Well, it's that moment when you screw up a box and no matter what firmware from the internet you try, nothing works.

    My box s912 is still detected by amlogic burning tool on windows but no picture comes from it whatsoever.

    Already tried many fws of different s912 boxes and even an alleged stock fw but the best I could get through burning tool is 9% and then it gets stuck.

    My box is called xplayer comes with 2/16 Android 6.

    Now, I will buy the exact same box and that can get hold of for around 18$ second hand from a local web store.

    Now what I mindhave on since im short of options, is making a nandroid backup from the working box I will order and somehow try to convert it to aml burning tool .img

    Is there anyway to convert the nandroid to a flashable .img?

    Thank you
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    It's happen to me on my ryzen system. Never reach a full burn with amd chipset. Try on my old Intel i5 laptop and no problem at all. All flash successful. Maybe on VM it will work, but I never tested.