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Rom: Android Pie for S912

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    Hello reaperman thanks for the info .
    I now about spmc and its auto frame rate and I have it on my shield next to kodi it still runs very good.
    I tought AFRd: Auto Frame Rate Daemon fixed the frame rate on amlogic boxes also in kodi?

    I also read somware that its a android thing the frame rate bug.
    I like to flash a android tv for my h96 plus box that has good youtube 4 k hdr playback.
    because the shield does not support hdr on youtube and this china box does so that is the only thing missing form my setup.
    I use my other h96 that runs 7.1 android but that is a phone os.
    thanks for the download links .


      hello reaperman thank you for the links.
      I tought AFRd: Auto Frame Rate Daemon apk
      Fixed the auto framerate for amlogic devices.





          AFRd, tends to be more miss than hit. In the past, if, I enabled AFRd, many foreign streams would connect in Kodi that would normally fail without the Daemon running.

          If your T.V. does not do well with frame rate changes, you will end up with black out screens or loss of HDMI signal.
          Ads in my Gmail would trigger AFRd, and ads in Youtube would trigger, video ads while web browsing would trigger...it can get annoying...very annoying!
          You can try to turn on the Daemon for a movie/T.V. show, but, may be best to turn off once you are finished with the episode or film.

          If you still want to try it, Youtube has a few tweak suggestions for AFRd. I may have(?) or someone else posted tweaks in Alfawise(?) forums.

          I forget if Android 6 or 7 was more compatible..system wise? I got a newer T.V.; I believe that VRR does not fully work on my current set. I can't test/compare Android 9 with previous setup.


            Originally posted by Reaper Man View Post
            Beelink GT1 Ultimate / Dealdig BOXD6
            Slimbox v10.6




            LPDDR3 + AP6255


            Patches for BlueTooth from lyubodelev
            ReaperMan Finally my Gti ult BT ap6255 ddr4 is working, see post https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?show...835993&st=9240, sorry post 9254 by 5mkrn, thanks to lyubodelev.
            thanks reaperman great rom, only issue is AFRd, I disabled it.


              Nice to hear success!
              Thanks for sharing.


                Is the newest slimbox asop the best asop pie rom for t95z plus? I asked a bit ago but this version of slim box wasnt out i dont think. Either way my i think t95z plus is the first version of t95z. I cant remember the chipset. I think its got "slow" emmc gigabit 3/32. I wish i rembered how to find wifi chipset without disassembly and chip ids... Thought there was a terminal command but its been years since i messed with my tv box. Wish it was more like phone and there was a way to flash roms from twrp and a newer twrp i could easily test before flashing... I guess burn tools is better then nothing though.



                  I liked Sbx v10.2 but saw sync issues with videos and regular slow HD transfers (never reached 13+ MB/s...typical 250KB/s)
                  V10.6 fixes(?) sync but comes with issues of external HD connectivity and picture quality(?) and colour settings.

                  (Whole system TWRP under Android 9 does not seem to work. Selecting Boot, Vendor, System and Data to fix/patch later installs is the method(?).
                  If needed, I think there was a slow EMMC bootloader patch(?) from lubodelev on 4pda.ru.

                  Sunvell T95Z Plus


                    Found something on USB 2 and USB 3 Hub connectivity.

                    Under Android 6 & 7 typical transfer was 13-22 MB/s (Usb 2) USB 3 was no better; if not worse.

                    Android 9
                    Sc pie and Sbx v5 - v10.2 average throughput was 250KB up to 3+(?) MB/s (USB 2 & 3 hub)
                    Sbx v10.5 had throughput of up to 13+ MB/s with USB 3. (USB2 max 4+ MB/s)

                    Sbx v10.6
                    USB 3 hub was not recognized!

                    External HD can freeze system on boot while HD files are being analyzed. (Win10 defragged and good health)
                    USB 2 hub max 2-3 MB/s.

                    *** Tried Xplorer and Mix file manager with USB 3 OTG driver enabled.***
                    Lost connectivity to USB 2 hub. Disabled OTG driver selection and multiple reboots. USB 2 hub unrecognized.
                    USB 3 hub now works with 4+ MB/s

                    Just sharing info for anyone with similar issues.


                      Hello.After trying many hours (~25) to unbrick my new X88 King,i probably burned hdmi output.So i revert back to my 3 years old Vorke Z6.I remember i had let it to slimbox 10.4 that has a rsndom reboot issue.Can someone please tell me where i can find the latest (maybe ported) slimbox rom?I have Vorke Z6 (not plus) 3/32 model with AP6255 chip.Also bluetooth & wifi patches maybe?...Thanks for your help.


                        Slimbox v11.1

                        Tanix TX9S

                        H96pro + 2/16 Lpddr

                        Mecool M8S PRO 3/32

                        Mecool BB2 and Pro,

                        YokaTV KB2 Pro

                        Ugoos AM3,

                        Tronsmart Vega S96

                        Extra settings - quick access to additional settings
                        • Configurable volume bar orientation
                        • Clock in the status bar with seconds
                        • Ability to change the priority of Dolby Vision graphics
                        • Adjusting the font size in the settings
                        • Returned corrected advanced hdmi cec settings
                        • Updated CastReceiver in settings instead of Airscreen
                        • Returned advanced Bluetooth settings
                        • Replaced the launcher with Launcher3QuickStep, applied a dark theme (PIE)
                        • In the Recent Applications window: pressing the Menu button will close all tasks, pressing the UP button will close the selected task (PIE)
                        • Applied dark theme for LogViewer
                        • Changed the loading animation in the status bar
                        • Changed toast to dark theme
                        • Added modules gameport.ko, hid-ps3remote.ko, hid-sony.ko, xpad.ko
                        • Added support for aptX HD Bluetooth protocol
                        • Included 4xMSAA - fixes micro-freezes in dynamic scenes
                        • Updated themes
                        • Updated google services
                        • Updated firmware

                        Update from v11 to v11.1
                        • Returned old Google Apps with search (disable auto update in the Market)
                        • Fixed video playback
                        • Fixed work of AFRD
                        • Added AFRD program with optimal settings
                        • Other important system corrections

                        Install fresh:
                        From scratch and everything will work.
                        There can be problems if updating from previous version while trying to retain data/programs.

                        Check AFRd settings if you have video problems

                        ATV or PIE
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