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(ROM) Sunvell T95K PRO 7.1 2GB/3GB Firmware Update

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    I wanted to throw this out there for anyone is thing trouble with Amlogic software or drivers. It's an updated toolset by a forum user who made their own version. It works much better and has now options than Amlogic ever offered:



    hi guys was wondering if anyone is having this problem using this firmware T95KPRO-2GB-v1015 ive updated and all seems well but when powering on the box i get a "unfortunately UPDATE&BACKUP has stopped" anyone know a fix for this
    other than that all seems to work ok


      I download the file 7.1.2 for the 2/16 now 3 times. Everytime the burning tool says "parse image fail". Someone has the answer?


        Originally posted by blutsvente View Post
        I download the file 7.1.2 for the 2/16 now 3 times. Everytime the burning tool says "parse image fail". Someone has the answer?
        My fault, I download it with my phone and the Mega App.
        Now I download it with my PC and Browser and it works.


          Download link is dead. Found this site with working download.
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            Anyone had a valid link for 32gb/3 ram firmware?
            as links here are not valid.


              Originally posted by saintmorin View Post

              Hi !

              I've tried the toothpick method but Android tells me two things :

              1. footer is wrong
              2 the signature of the firmware failed and stop the process.

              How did you do this ? I don't have a "male to male" USB cable. I'm gonna give a try with the BootcardMaker software.

              Thanks for your advises

              And BTW, great website !!!

              Ok so I've managed to solve the problem ... I didn't own a 2 gig SD card so I was using a USB stick and choosed the option "upgrade from ext". I finaly bought a MicroSD card and used Bootcard Maker to creat the image. Did the toothpick recover mode and BANG !! Everything goes well.

              Thanks bro !!!
              You saved me a lot of time.
              USB key not working (USB1 or USB2)
              SDCARD (format with rufus then copy zip file) mount on a USB adapter (USBA et B) not working (two different card , samsung & kingston)

              I try with Burn card maker (just unzip the zip file and use the tool to burn the sdcard ---> IT WORKS !!!! i did not believe it.

              For information :

              The zip file ( update 7.1.2) still working now (T95K PRO - 2GO RAM version)


              I rehost it if i could (i have a 150 ko/s upload connection....it took me hours.) -> if someone with a better bandwith can rehost it....thanks
              The tools :


              EDit : ok rehosted here

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                I clicked on the link and Mega asked for "decryption key". Could you give me the key to download? Thank you very much
                Originally posted by metabin View Post

                EDit : ok rehosted here