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  • darkstar
    Originally posted by FenirexS View Post
    Hi, I need to know if anyone has the remote.conf file for the beelink gt king pro. I am using LibreELEC on the sd card and would like to find a way to remap the power button to give it another function since it uses ir. I read on that forum that the basic model is already configured and editable.

    I tried to use it the same file but it doesn't work. I read that you need to find the "factory code" of the remote in order to remap the power button. So I would like to know if anyone has already configured it.
    Which version of LibreELEC do you use for GT King Pro?
    If possible could you share the device tree file you use?

    I tried many versions but seem buggy .

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  • FenirexS
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