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How set output 1080p in Kodi or Youtube? Only 720p

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    How set output 1080p in Kodi or Youtube? Only 720p


    In "Screen Output" I can select [email protected] and HDMI output is in 1080p but apps like Kodi or Youtube only detect 720p and CPU-Z report screen resolution of 1280x720.

    Can you help me to set W95 to 1080p resolution?

    Androids GUI = on most units 1080p, but on your unit it seems to be 720p (its kernel set limit )
    So, kodi GUI is also 720p ( normally = 1080p set Kodi GUI limit )
    But GUI has nothing todo with movies : play 1080p = view 1080p (hw rendering / limited to decoder used )

    Kodi add-on YouTube -> long click or menu button remote -> settings -> default = 720 (you can also set remember history as default = 0 )

    YouTube app is limited to 720 as I see trebor review shows the w95 has no DRM (DRM L1 is needed for 1080 and higher )
    However.. On XDA forum there is a app called "ytbt" (youtube client) that might be able to bypass this limit (try the no-root black edition )
    *start ytbt : ​​​​​​ right-upper corner settings - scroll down / settings / iybt settings / video quality ( max = 2160 ) (restart app after change )

    To set androids GUI to 1080p install terminal app :
    su (enter)
    wm size 1920x1080 (enter)
    ( optional : wm density 240 or 160 )

    Might slow down apps! (Reboot = 720 again, but you could use a init.d script to make it permanent )

    Well.. Goodluck
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      You can use de S.P.M.C is a fork from kodi and you have 1080p