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A1_709N0 4G+16G / 32 G

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    A1_709N0 4G+16G / 32 G

    Current version :A1_709N0
    Based on :A1_708N0
    Android version :7.1.2

    Fits for: RK3328 DDR4/DDR3/LPDDR3 4G+16G / 32 G

    USB zip :

    SD zip :


    1. The problem that the Amazon prime video gets crash often has been solved already .
    2. We have maken some changes to maintain this system .
    3. You can get into the recovery mode when you click the recovery button .
    4. The third -party apps could read more information about external storage to some degree .
    5. Some shortcuts have been added to remote for popular demands , as the picture shows,

    6. The OTA news from 70XN0 to 709N0 has been sent to your tv box already .

    Some tips for updating :

    1. USB updating :

    1) Install the DriverAssitant_v4.5 first and double click the DriverInstall.exe , then you need to choose the "install the driver"option to finish this installation ;

    2) Open the USB bunning tool which is named FactoryTool v1.43e and then double click the FactoryTool.exe ,now it's time to click the "firmware"to load it well .

    3) Click the "start" and hold the reset button still to connect the double USB cable , then you can take it easy to wait for the updating .

    2.SD updating :

    1) Format your sd card with the FAT32 fromating style . and then you need to copy the file to the root of the SD card ;

    2) Insert the sd card to the port ;

    3) Wait for the updating pop news and choose the update option . you need to make sure that Power supply must be firmly good enough to finish this updating , power outages would contribute to a failure .

    you can contact with me if you meet some problems .

    email : / skype : +86 18772960513

    Remote Shortcut feature very good.

    Did OTA update all good x 2 fallen a bit behind I had.
    Please consider
    Donating to Freaktab


      Originally posted by trebor View Post
      Remote Shortcut feature very good.

      Did OTA update all good x 2 fallen a bit behind I had.
      Just have this very nice box, OTA update right away to 709! amazing every thing is working ,real deal this time I really like it ..Thanks for your support appreciated