Latest firmware and flash instructions:

Lighthome crash fix:

How to update lighthome:

Copy lighthome.apk to a usb drive or a sd card
If you use a usb drive plug it into the usb 2.0 port (not the blue one)
Boot the tv box then:

1) Turn location services off
2) Install lighthome.apk from the usb drive or sd card (It does nothing at this stage)
3) Download es file explorer
4) Download some other type of launcher, like Nova...install, hit home, tell it always.
5) Go into es file explorer and on the left hand side scroll down to enable "show hidden files"
6) Then scroll back up to usb drive or sd card and find the new lighthome.apk, select and copy it.
7) Go to local>device>system> app> lighthome and paste the new apk. It will say that one already exist and you will give it permission to override.
8) You will then need to highlight the apk, go to properties, permissions and the ONLY permissions it should have are Owner= read/write...Group= read... Other= read...
9) Go to settings and change home back to lighthome. (If you searchfor home app or launcher it will come up) From this screen press and hold your power button and make system reboot.***do NOT turn Location back on***
10) System will turn back on and you will see weather widget still freaking out, no worries, just click on it and type your city.