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[ROM] Beelink GS1 SCV1 - Custom Rom ( Normal Android 7 )

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    Originally posted by Kartun View Post

    Download link doesn't work for me. Could you provide mirror ?
    Yes i know, neomode is on it!
    If it going to take lot longer i will then provide a mirror!


      Originally posted by Boban.cro View Post
      Hi,haw to fix the the clock and weather location?
      I don't use the Light Home launcher anymore, went as far as deleting it completely from firmware.

      But, if you do want a fixed version of it, check/search Beelink's posts here on FreakTab, as of a few months ago they had posted updated and fixed launcher.apk and had download links for each specific TVbox they make.
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        Many thanks for the firmware for Beelink gs1! Now it's easier to set up the Play Market. Is there a TWRP roquee? We wait.


          I finally installed this ROM, had it download for months just sitting on PC, a marked improvement over the stock firmware that's for sure. Found something interesting out that I never noticed running the stock ROM, this Firmware is Android 7.0 (api24) not Android 7.1(api25), which I also went back and verified original ROM info. Device was advertised for sale by Beelink as 7.1 which is a complete False Advertising. Only thing in the device that is 7.1 is the line in the build.prop that was edited to say 7.1. This is not SC's fault it is how Beelink released the original ROM. For quick reference check the Android System app which is compiled as 7.0(24) which is the basis of the OS.

          Was finally able to run Antutu 7 straight from the Google Play Store, which is not possible from the Original ROM or from my other Allwinner H6 device the Tanix-TX6 which can only do the old Antutu 6 version.

          Antutu 7.2.2 score: 54587

          I liked the ROM as-is but I still like to tinker and install my own little tweaks, so my fiddling consisted of putting some Tweaks into the build.prop, updating BusyBox, installing the SuperSU app to control which apps get Root access, debloating system further to eliminate apps that aren't needed in a TVbox device, and installing a modified Tanix AliceUX-Lite launcher as a system app which I use as the main launcher instead of the factory LightHome launcher.

          This is what I debloated further from System:

          - Deleted System Apps (found in /system/app/*)

          Basic Dreams, Bookmarks Provider, Calendar, Camera2, Gallery2, Bee Files Manager, Fota Update = Update app, FotaUpdateReboot = Fota Provider, Google Calendar Sync Adapter, Google Contacts Sync Adapter, OpenWnn, PhotoTable,

          - Deleted System Priv-Apps (found in /system/priv-app/*)

          BlockNumberProvider, Calendar Provider, Contacts app, Contacts Provider, Telecom = Call Management Storage, TelephonyProvider = Phone and Messaging Storage, TVDFileManager,

          As a direct comparison to the Tanix TX6 4GB/32GB Android 9 device I own, this 2GB/16GB device is pretty strong still yet, and the GS1 surpasses the TX6 in several different benchmarks that I tested it with. The one fact I like the most is that the Beelink will hit the CPU max operating frequency of 1.8 GHz where the Tanix is limited at 1.5 GHz by the kernel.