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GT1 706D0 ultimate/3G+32G A......D0 (AP6255)

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    GT1 706D0 ultimate/3G+32G A......D0 (AP6255)

    Hello everyone,

    Here is coming new firmware 706D0 version!

    Current version: GT1_706D0_AP6255
    Based version: None
    Android Version: 7.1.2
    Fits for : ultimate / 3G+32G A......D0.......(AP6255) ,for example : " A706D0SBH70001 32G " there is only one wifi chip for D0 , it's AP6255 .

    USB burning tool :

    https://beelink-my.sharepoint.co ... 4JInsGgzNYvz5qnW-9c (2.0.5)

    https://beelink-my.sharepoint.co ... uaAYAcoK-dm4kmsvCs4 (2.0.9)

    USB zip :


    Updating tutorial:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8chkgcfcwQ (USB)


    you can have a try to write it down and keep other babies informed of it when you finish this process .

    Pay attention to :

    1. A912/AX12-----AP6255 G912/S912-----QCA9377 A706D0SBH70001 32G---------D0 AP6255

    2. You need to use the firmware which starts from the 70X D0 since a new barcode has been use to the GT1 , i will post it in the next thread . just like this series number shows :

    " GT1 3G+32G D0 version : A706D0SBH70001 32G "

    You may cause the blue screen / pink screen problems if you get something wrong , so you can as me for help if meet some problems about it .

    3.Some links before the 707 NO have been deleted to avoid the updating errors , you can turn me for help if it's necessary .

    4.You can only update the firmware from system 6.0 (301MO/101MO.......) to system 7.0 (701NO......)by USB updating , on the other hand , you can update the firmware from system 6.0 (301MO......)to system 6.0 (312MO,313MO) by SD card or USB updating .

    5.Standard edition (2G+16G/2G+32G) : before ( system 6.0 ) <101 MO ( system 6.0 ) < ......113 MO ( system 6.0 ) < ...... updating (system 6.0)

    Ultimate edition ( 3G+32G ) :
    before ( system 6.0 ) <301MO ( system6.0 ) < ......313MO ( system6.0 ) < ...... updating (system 6.0)

    Standard edition / ultimate edition :
    701 NO ( system 7.1 ) < 702 NO ( system 7.1 ) < ...... updating (system 7.1 )

    If you have any problem, please contact with me at any time:

    [email protected]

    skype : +86 18772960513 (chanchanwang)

    Hi !
    I'm confused with those versions, which one is the newer and what's the difference between them ?



      Ok I get it it's only for : ultimate / 3G+32G, so now I have a green issue !
      EDIT: Fixed by flashing : http://freaktab.com/forum/tv-player-...ms-android-7-1
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        versions :::

        or meu GT1 e S / N: AX12GSAF61259 32G works is rom



          This ROM is for the new S/N: 706D0xxxxxxxx...


            Hi i have one gt1 ultimate (serial number is: a706d0sbg40378 32g) and i need flash rom (after supersu apk not boot) , can i flash this rom by sd card ? or i must be use computer and usb cable allways? if i use sdcart where can i find files for sdcart update? thank you
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              Hi all!!!
              I'm looking for an AndroidTV Rom for my GT1 Ultimate with Serial number beginning with A706D...
              Hope someone already found the answer!
              Have a nice day!


                Buongiorno dove posso trovare il firmware per la versione A706DO ? Grazie


                  Novità x chi ha il s/n A706D0 ??


                    Originally posted by Vincs View Post
                    Ok I get it it's only for : ultimate / 3G+32G, so now I have a green issue !
                    EDIT: Fixed by flashing : http://freaktab.com/forum/tv-player-...ms-android-7-1

                    Your GT1 serial number starts with A706?
                    I want to flash a custom rom, because the original one has so many problems.
                    Mine starts with A706.


                      Mods: Could this thread please be relocated to the Beelink /GT1 Ultimate section of forum? This F/W is specific to a different device, and I'm seeing a lot of confusion from GT1 and GT1 Ultimate users alike due to its misplacement.
                      Please post your h/w & s/w as signature to help community with troubleshooting problems.
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                        Is it possible to disable / remove the miracast app from this rom? It's preventing IPTV apps from functioning properly because the app thinks it's going to be casted.