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Beelink GT1 Ultimate short pins

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    Originally posted by [email protected] View Post

    I used to be able to update the firmware by pressing this button and having the firmware on a SD card. But, I messed up during an update. That's why I think my only chance is using the pins. There is no video signal coming from the box. The only sign of life is the led. I've tried installing the firmware using the USB tool but the box is not recognized by my computer. That's why I was hoping to use the pin trick and manage to make my computer recognize the android box.
    hey, any luck?


      Originally posted by Symo View Post
      Good afternoon. Can anyone have information about which pins need to be short for Beelink GT1 Ultimate (SN B706) to flash it (the process freezes by 7%). The manual for A706 is not suitable, because when these pins are shorted, the device starts to "whistle" and reloads (checked for two B706). Thank you.
      Perfect for me in motherboard GT-LP Ver.1.1 with wifi AP6255.
      Now unbricked, thx!!!.