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Beelink GT1 Ultimate short pins

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    Beelink GT1 Ultimate short pins

    Hi all,

    Just flashed the wrong Firmware on my GT1 Ultimate, that is S/N A912 (AP6255 wifi chip) and not S/N S912 or G912 (AP9377 wifi chip).

    I have tryed to use USB Burning Tool v2.0.8, and this are the steps I'm doing:

    0º Everything is disconected from the computer and also from the GT1
    1º Start USB Burning Tool v2.0.8, set language to English.
    2º Load the .img file, that on my case is "GT1_311M0.img" since I have the GT1 Ultimate Board q201_9377.
    3º Go to File->Import Image and select the "GT1_311M0.img" to load. I get the Image check popup box.
    4º I have the configuration on the USB Burning Tool set to: Erase Flash "X" - Force erase all, all the other check boxes are unpicked.
    5º I press the start button on the USB Burning Tool software.
    6º I plug the USB Cable A to A, on the side USB port from the GT1 Ultimate, and the LED comes ON.
    7º I connect the power cord to the wall plug and to the GT1 Ultimate.
    8º I plug the USB Cable A to A, to the USB 3.0 from the computer.

    It is supposed to ear the windows sound but nothing happens.

    I have tested many variations that I can remenber:
    - Pressing and hold the reset button on the bottom of GT1 Ultimate with a paper clip before plug the power and USB.
    - Withou pressing any button.
    - Pressing and hold the reset button on the bottom of GT1 Ultimate with a paper clip after plug the power and USB.
    - I have also tested around 6 versions of USB Burning Tool
    - I also have tested all the list above but press the start button on the USB Burning Tool only at the end after everything pluged.

    I did get once the GT1 Ultimate, recognized by the windows and USB Burning Tool, but when flashing I did get one error, after unplug and didn't get the windows to recognise the GT1 Ultimate any more.

    Now I have 100% sure that is a bad bootloader.

    Can anyone help me to identify on the GT1 Ultimate which are the PINs to short?

    I do not even know which one is the correct chip where the nand is loaded

    Thanks for the help,

    Don't need power cord plug in.. just usb


      Hi Jhonnie ,

      here are Pictures of a shorte pin action on OTT M8 , and what about booting from SD with the Amilogic Bootmaker Tool ???


      Maybe it helps good Luck



        I had once the same issue with Tronsmart, by try and error I've found an escape
        My suggestion ,find an update for GT-1 for SD Card ,and run it ,the box won't boot,but it would change the bootloader.
        After that the box would be recognizable by USB Burning Tool again .


          Thanks all for the replies,

          gefattern, GT1 is a diferent board and diferent components so the short will be different.

          DobermanS, I have tested that also, but no luck.


            Hi Jhonnie ,

            i think it is always the same Pins its all Amilogic , why making for every single CPU a differnt Restore , even on RK it is the same i think ???

            good Luck



              All the credits go to the user Chomee from the Beelink support forum, that helped me solving the problem. To him a very huge thanks.

              First a little retrospective,

              So, I was thinking that the brick of my GT1 Ultimate was my mistake, but after my request to Beelink support for the correct ROM I have received exactly the same ROM I have previous flashed.

              I did flash the "GT1_311M0.img" from Beelink link, and was this ROM that bricked my GT1 Ultimate. Yes the supposed original ROM from Beelink.

              There are two things, or I have done/doing something wrong or the ROM that Beelink is providing have a really some huge problems. I'm not the first owner of a GT1 Ultimate having this issue; you can check the Beelink forum.

              After I flash the GT1 Ultimate with this ROM, the box didn't boot anymore and was not recognized by windows when connect to the PC using the USB A to A cable.


              Here is a little tutorial to help those with the same problem “DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK” (Original ROM provide by Beelink didn't work for me).

              1 - Open the GT1 Ultimate box. Search on Youtube how to open it, is quite easy.

              2 - Download the custom ROM for the GT1 Ultimate here on Freaktab, from the user superceleron and extract the image file from the downloaded ZIP: http://freaktab.com/forum/tv-player-...ndroid-tv-ddr4

              3 - Start USB Burning Tool, set language to English.

              4 - Load to USB Burning Tool, the .img file you have extracted. USB Burning Tool will check the image and load it.

              5 - Set the USB Burning Tool, to Force erase all and remove the check from the Erase bootloader check box.

              6 - Press the Start button on USB Burning Tool.

              7 - Connect one end of the USB cable to the USB socket on the side of GT1 Ultimate (must be on the side not on the back), and the other end to the PC. At this point windows will not make any sound or USB Burning Tool will detect the GT1 ultimate.

              8 - Using some piece of metal short the 2 pins as showed on the attached image (do not short anything else) you will listen a little moan coming from the box and just release the shorted pins (a little touch on the 2 pins will do the trick). At this point you will hear the typical windows sound when a external drive is plugged in, and the USB Burning Tool will show the connected GT1 Ultimate and will start automatically flashing the loaded ROM.

              9 - If you get USB Burning Tool error around 2% wait 3 to 5 seconds and just unplug the USB end from the PC and plug it again, USB Burning Tool will restart from where it leftover. Now just wait until USB Burning Tool bar reach the 100%: Burning successfully.

              10 - Press the Stop button on USB Burning Tool and unplug the USB cable. And the flash is done.

              11 - Go to your TV, connect the HDMI cable to the GT1 Ultimate, connect the power cord and wait for the magic. The flashed ROM takes around 6 minutes on the firs boot, so just wait and go grave a coffee.

              12 - Enjoy


              After flash this custom ROM, I have done some tests with the GT1 Ultimate, and connected the GT1 Ultimate again to the PC and it works like it should it is automatically detected by windows and USB Burning Tool.

              I did flash again the ROM provided by Beelink, since GT1 Ultimate is working has supposed no short pins was required. I have flashed the original ROM 100%: Burning successfully.

              On the TV I connect the HDMI cable to the GT1 Ultimate, and power cord, the GT1 Ultimate lights up but nothing happens. The GT1 Ultimate is bricked again.

              I connected the GT1 to the PC, and windows do not recognize anymore the box it is bricked again and I must do all the procedure from shorting the pins again and flash again the custom ROM from superceleron.

              Resuming, I think there is something wrong with the original ROM since the custom ROM works flawlessly.

              Share your experiences.



                Did not work for me. My device is totally bricked by using the official firmware.... This method and the sd card method didn't work...


                  Did not work for me.


                    If you connect to the serial console on the box you should be able to see what it is doing while 'bricked'. You should also be able to see if shorting the pins is working to cause it to try to boot off SD first.

                    See the following for more details:



                      Hi! My box is different. I cannot find the pins I am supposed to connect. Can you help me? I attached a picture here. Thank you!
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                        Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
                        Hi! My box is different. I cannot find the pins I am supposed to connect. Can you help me? I attached a picture here. Thank you!
                        Your serial port is easily accessible but it looks like you have a Foresee BGA eMMC so you can't short the eMMC pins directly. You will probably have to try to look around near it possibly on the bottom of the board for where to potentially short. If you know who made your box you may be able to find out how to do it from them, or other people who have the same unit.


                          Thank you for replying. I don't understand anything about electronics. My box is a cooleme mb2. The GT1 firmware works with this box. I attached a picture of the bottom of the board. Any ideas? I won't be able to use the pin trick?
                          thank you!
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                            Is that a button on the lower right of the board in the picture of the bottom of the board?


                              Yes, I believe it's the reset button.