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Beelink AP34 new-generation intel Apollo lake Mini pc,invites you to experience,there are *not many places*

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    Beelink AP34 new-generation intel Apollo lake Mini pc,invites you to experience,there are *not many places*

    Beelink AP34 new-generation intel Apollo lake Mini pc,invites you to experience,there are *not many places*

    Next-generation Intel Apollo Lake Mini PC, invites you to experience, not many places ... ...
    Product market: business, games, Mini PC, home entertainment

    Beelink new generation Intel product features:
    1. the new generation Intel Apollo N3450 CPU, frequency up to 2.2GHz, Office +100% faster
    2. aluminum metal appearance, powerful cooling function, game run smoothly
    3. the pre-installed genuine windows10 Home systems.
    4. new generation Intel HD graphics processors, amazing 4K Visual effects
    5. low-power design to make your home more energy efficient
    6. wall-mounted design, make your desk tidy

    Powerful combination of hardware
    OS: Supports Windows 10 system and Linux system
    Language: Multi -language
    Intel CPU: Intel Processor N34502M Cache, up to 2.2 GHz
    Processor Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 500

    Powerful storage design, advanced motherboard design, won't have to store enough
    Installed RAM: DDR3 4GB
    System Disk: Windows(C) 57.5 GB,
    support expansion:64G,128G

    Fast Web experience without having to wait for, let the Office becomes a kind of enjoyment
    Ethernet: 1000Mbps LAN
    WIFI: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac,2.4G+5.8G

    Rich port designed to meet your needs
    Button: 1*Power Button
    DC-in: 1*DC in Port
    USB3.0: 3* Standard USB3.0 Port
    HDMI: 1*HDMI Type Port
    RJ45: 1*RJ45
    Headphone microphone: 1*Headphone microphone jack
    SD Card: 1* SD card slot
    Power LED: 1* power LED

    Details for more information, please see the official website

    Activity description:
    In order to thank Beelink fan support and love, details of the event we will be announced next Monday, we could have spoken.
    While some lucky viewers we will free Beelink AP34
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      Cool...can't wait till Monday
      To read more about the incoming event...

      Cheers...and keep-up the good work!


        To celebrate the new product released as well as customer support, beelink is hereby organized new product promotions, there aren't many opportunities(only 20), waiting for you to purchase

        In addition, randomly selected lucky free price $217.99 beelink AP34. What are you waiting, come and participate in it
        AP34 (Apollo lake N3450) regular price: $229.99/pcs new shelves promotion: $188.88/pcs Drop $41.11 20 March 14, 2017 to March 15


        AP42(Apollo lake N4200) original price: $266.99/pcs new shelves promotion: $199.88/pcs Drop$67.11 20 March 14, 2017 to March 15

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          I just bought the AP34 and noticed on the pictures the DIY SSD but i am confused as one picture shows a msata Three plugins and the other picture shows msata Two plugins on the boards.Would like to know what board to use for hd expansion. I also would like to know where i can find the system (win 10) download if ever needed along with a drivers page. Any help ? Thank You in advance.


            Good Morning.

            I bought mine yesterday. Ap42

            I'm waiting for it to be delivered.

            I know it's not the right equipment for this, but can he run SketchUp?

            Simple jobs, should I be able to?
            Could someone try install and give me an answer?

            thank you

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