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Here is coming SEAI_105M0

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    Here is coming SEAI_105M0

    Current editionFSEAI_105M0_16G_20170520-1836
    Based onFSEAI_104M0_16G_20170509
    Users: Beelink
    Fits for FRTD1295 2G 16G RTL8821AU (wifi+bt)

    USB zipFlink:https://beelink-my.sharepoint.co ... Bn_s7lRbgIkJ4fknnVE
    OTA update news have been sent .
    ================================================== ===========================
    Based onFSEAI_105M0_32G_20170520-1937
    Based onFSEAI_104M0_32G_20170509
    Users : Beelink
    Fits for FRTD1295 2G 32G RTL8821AU (wifi+bt)

    USB zip link:https://beelink-my.sharepoint.co ... 9pcR8vzx20mFFopbVGI
    OTA update news have been sent
    1Aimprove the problem of "google play stopped work "
    2 qodi has been added

    Pease contact me:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Can't seem to get the update to work. Tried the software. Tried burning to an SD card. Nothing. Using Win10, USB A to A cable. Update worked on previous SEA I. I did have the bin file on that one though. Do I need it for 105 update?

    Must not have been holding my mouth right. Just got the update done.

    Thank you for the Time Display brightness control. Wife had black tape over the display.

    Is the Qodi app a special one for the box or should I update to the 17.3 available on the Kodi site?
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