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SEA1_106 MO firmware

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    SEA1_106 MO firmware

    hello dear , here comes the new firmware for SEA1 106 MO firmware !!!

    Current version : SEAI_106M0_16G_20170829-1010
    Based on:SEAI_105M0_16G_20170520-1836
    Fits for:RTD1295 2G/16G RTL8821AU (wifi+bt)

    Current version:SEAI_106M0_32G_20170829-1821
    Based on:SEAI_105M0_32G_20170520-1937
    Fits for:RTD1295 2G/32G RTL8821AU (wifi+bt)

    Improvement :

    1.Qodi has been updated to 17.3 .

    2.The mp4 output formating is available now in HDMI recording .

    Pay attention to :

    1.There is an AurtoReboot.apk in this tv box and you can start this apk when you press the button "8" of remote three times in the home interface , which is mainly used to test in the factory , you can just ignore it since it wouldn't seen in the apk menu .

    you can contact with me if you have any questions .

    Whatsapp/skype:+86 18772960513
    Email:[email protected]

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    Do you have a change log or list of Improvements/fixes
    Thank You
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      In FW 106 screen scaling settings are NOT re-applied after monitor off/on or cycling through the video inputs.
      I have SEA I (32Gb) connected to a 26" LCD monitor with 1900x1200 physical resolution. So I use screen scaling (Settings-Display-Screen Position) to scale down the image and make its WIDTH fit to the screen. I have then black bands below and above the image, but the image itself is not distorted. In all the previous firmwares the scaling was memorized and restored after monitor off/on or cycling through video inputs (HDMI / DVI / VGA).
      Now with the latest firmware 106 the scaling is memorized but not re-applied. If I turn my monitor off and back on, the image is fitted to the HEIGHT of the screen and the sides are outside of the screen limits (some kind of horizontal overscan). So each time after off/on I have to go to Settings-Display-Screen Position and re-adjust image scaling. The setting itself is preserved at the right step, so I click + and then - (or vice versa) to get the right scaling applied.
      This thing is very annoying. Please, fix this in the next firmware release. Any workaround maybe before it gets fixed?


        Hi, would be nice to have more options in hdmi in, like custom audio and video bitrate, audio bitrate at 96.0 kb/s is pretty bad. Bought this box because HDMI IN primarily.


          I tried to update my FW 105 to 106 by online update but I can't found the new version


            Hi Beelink. Will there be any new updates or is it the end?