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Best Android TV remote

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    Best Android TV remote

    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone would like to share with me what remote they have and if it is any good? I am so frustrated with the offerings and I must have bought 6 remotes in the past year trying to find the best one.
    every single android remote I have tried has a major defect that makes it unusable for example the
    rii i25 is perfect.... EXCEPT the dpad buttons (the most important buttons arguably) are IR only (why would they do that?!?????)
    the mk3 is next best but the annoying airmouse never turns off(literally turns on every 10 secs),
    the mele f10 would be a good remote.... except it has useless buttons instead of play/pause skip and rewind.
    the rii mini i8 is serviceable.... but the range and battery is terrible.
    the NEO A2 is the closest I have got, but is terribly bulky, destroys battery and doesn't have skip buttons.

    Can anyone recommend a good remote? Preferably with all media controls (play,pause,rewind,fastforward, AND skip buttons) and a QWERTY side to it. I know it shouldn't be a big ask but I have yet to find a remote that fits that simple bill without having deal breaking design flaws!

    I've not tried it yet but the newer Mele F10 Deluxe looks good.


      if you dont need IR keys measy gp830 is pretty good, you will need to find a work around for the sound though because it will come out of the speaker on the remote by default

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