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    Dual Screen

    Hello if I have a android TV Player and want to use it as a computer. and have two monitors. Can i connect those two and get big screen and split them so I can run one app on each screen.
    Just like on windows with split screen. maybe someway to have two screens and the desktop reach over both and use some Split/multi window apps to split htem into two.
    is this posible in any way.

    1.needs more info : what device do you have?

    But probably not..
    Only a few intel boxes running Android have dualscreen options



      the one at the moment was tronsmart orion R28 or what the name is.
      it has only one HDMI. but what about a micro usb otg to hdmi adapter to have one extra hdmi output. is it possible or is it impossible.


        No.. Thats only a option on Intel's with usb type c connector ( i believe )

        However.. If you have 1 big screen and running androids nougat:
        then sometimes get the option to run 2 apps at 50% of the screen (split screen)
        *only phoenixos..has multiple app resizable window support.. But no multiple screen/monitor support

        nougat example:

        phoenixos example:



          ok thanks.
          I was thinkning one of those multiwindow 50/50% but hoped on a way to use two monitors as one expanded desktop.
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