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Android 6 vs. 7 and Issues?

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    Android 6 vs. 7 and Issues?

    Is it just me or are there issues with all Android TV Boxes running Android 7.1.2?

    I have several boxes (different brands) running Android 6.x and I have no issues with doing anything on them: wallpaper, launchers, apps, etc. Everything installs and runs.

    I recently got 2 new boxes with different chipsets but both are running Android 7.1.2 and both are very frustrating. One won't allow me to download any live wallpapers, the other one will but I can't get them set. One I can install my favorite launcher (Lightning) and it works but other one will download it but it crashes every time I try and run it. In fact, quite a few of the apps I normally use on the TV boxes won't even let me download them to one box (says it's not compatible). They will let me download them to the other box (both are running the same Android version 7.1.2) but they won't work because root is broken on the box right from the factory.

    The kinds of things that prevent me from downloading apps from Google Play on one but not the other - is that controlled by the software that's installed? Like maybe flashing a newer firmware might resolve it? Or maybe a custom ROM if one exists for the box?

    I don't do much with the boxes except watch movies and shows but I like to set them up nicely and make them look appealing. I feel like my cell phone where my carrier has locked me out of stuff...

    On the one box, the original firmware was Android 6 and I've downloaded the img thinking I might go back to that since the boxes I have with that Android version all run perfectly.


    Hmm.. Its more like : device id / api number ( sometimes : resolution / geo location )
    my current tvbox (ziddoo h6) has Google play market but search vlc or sentio gives no result (Netflix not compatible)

    On XDA forum search : galaxy open source market
    Its alternative googleplay but under settings you can spoof your device id ( note: use same api numbers as your unit )
    Then you will get full access to apps

    Well.. Cheers


      A6 less secure (well hacked with) than A7 (to date) could be the main deal.
      More rules to follow to make it work 100% as mentioned above

      Time it may get there.(no breath holding)

      With A9 around the next corner and most want latest, lots to get thru

      Please consider
      Donating to Freaktab


        On the one box (H96 Pro+) I cannot list any live wallpapers in Google Play.

        On the other box I (MX10) I can download all my usual live wallpapers BUT when I launch them, I don't have an option to "set as wallpaper". All I can do is right-click (go back) and it doesn't get set. No 3-dot options at top. They display just fine, just don't give me the button to select as wallpaper. All of them are like that (multiple developers). I feel like it is an Android 7 thing but I could be wrong. Can't verify same issue on the H96 box since that one won't even let me download them. I suppose I could go get the APK and forcibly install one and see what happens...

        I also have problems on the MX10 with setting a static wallpaper - same sort of issue. It shows me the local image options in the gallery, I pick one and I get a rubber band box to select what part of the image to use as the wallpaper but I have no "ok" or "set as wallpaper" buttons on that either so I'm just stuck with only option is to go back. Weird. My phone (Note 8) has Android 7 but there's a Samsung app that manages the wallpaper settings so it isn't quite the same. I did just find an app in Google Play that worked for setting a static wallpaper itself: 4K HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds Fondpaper by Gonga Dev. Actually does them "tablet-sized" (landscape) instead of "phone-sized" (portrait) and sets them right from the app so bypasses the issues I'm having.

        I know about the Netflix issues (and I'm sure others) that don't like rooted devices and the like. You have to manually (APK) install or update those as well.

        I may try the open source market option and see how that goes as well.

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