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Please recommend a tv box not known to overheat

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    Please recommend a tv box not known to overheat

    I do own a shield and it's great also because it actually has a cooling fan. Any other options? Mi box, fire tv, m8s pro L, minix neo u9-h, a95x pro, h96 pro + the list goes on... All of these have reported overheating problems and none have fans. I might just install a cheap fan myself but I'm curious if there are good boxes which have great cooling out of the box like shield. Buzztv xpl 3000v might be good. Any advice? I'd like to not go out and buy a soldering iron thermal paste and all that jazz. I dont really care about L1 since Im not using this for netflix I have everything on kodi. Thanks

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    If you have everything on Kodi, why not get an inexpensive Amlogic S905x and install LibreELEC or OpenELEC on it. Then no need to worry about heat issues...
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      I agree..
      libreelec is tiny Linux version ( under 200mb ) dedicated for running kodi ( uses less resources )

      It can also run from sdcard ( sometimes even from USB )
      So, dualboot android/libreelec is a option

      libreelec/openelec and now CoreElec