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Help needed for identifying input event interface for RockChip TVboxes(rk322x)?

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    Help needed for identifying input event interface for RockChip TVboxes(rk322x)?


    I'm an android developer developing an App that can open the Android built-in Power Menu by clicking the app icon (with both Root and Non-Root).

    And Our "Root Mode" injects input events to open Power Menu
    Our first goal was targeting phones and tablets, I already collected most of the hardware specifications that covered at least 85% of phones and tablets.
    We implemented an algorithm that automatically detects the possible input event interface for the power button, but the algorithm doesn't always give a 100% correct result. When the algorithm finds out it can't be 100% sure which input event is for Power Button, we collect anonymized logcats and send them to the cloud for further analysis. (We also mentioned and noticed the user about the data collection at the first start of App.)


    Recently, I've received a strange logcat with uncommon hardware specifications that could never be a phone. With a few more inspections, I found out maybe someone has found a way to install google play on a tv box and downloaded my App. Due to our logcats are all anonymized, I have no way to get in touch with our users. I searched the keywords in the logcat and found some of the keywords were mentioned in this forum. Then I realized there are so many TvBox ROM experts developing custom TvBox firmware in this forum. One of my users may possibly come from this forum. I'm not sure if it is appropriate to post it here, but I feel so desperate to find the correct answer for this logcat.

    The target device is called YBOX-01, and has an "rk322x" SOC.

    I got those input event with the following names:
    /dev/input/event0 name: "110b0030.pwm" location: "gpio-keys/remotectl"
    /dev/input/event1 name: "HID 0e8f:2517" location: "usb-30120000.ohci2-1/input0"
    /dev/input/event3 name: "YK 2.4G Wireless Device" location: "usb-300e0000.ohci1-1/input0"
    /dev/input/event4 name: "YK 2.4G Wireless Device" location: "usb-300e0000.ohci1-1/input1"

    I'm sure the event for the power button is not event3 or event4, but I'm not sure if it's event0 or event1?
    I need some advice about what driver "110b0030.pwm" and "HID 0e8f:2517" is. (I also found this keyword mentioned in this forum, so I guess someone here might know what it is.)

    If anyone with other RockChip TVbox wants to try this App out (with root mode), I would be so thankful to you guys. It would be even better if those who tried this app can tell me which "TvBox" are you using and does "Root Mode" works on that model. With your answers, I'll compare them with the logcats then I can determine the correct input events for Rockchip TvBoxs. For those who do not access to Google Play, it's also available on apkpure, and please only try version 1.1.5