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Unofficial - MK808 - Cyanogenmod 10 (CM10) Rom

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    Unofficial - MK808 - Cyanogenmod 10 (CM10) Rom

    Please note this information was scrapped from many sources and I am currently at work so I can't actually check every step again. I will be fixiing/updating this post when I get back home!

    I really like the Finless 1.5A Rom, but there are some features that it doesn't include that CM10 fills, so here goes!

    * INSTALL CM10 * -- Original Source
    1. You need a microSD card to do this (I have not gotten it to work with RKAndroidTool)
    2. Download CM10 from http://dl.cm3066.com/cm_mk808-ota-20121116.zip
      1. Rename the file to 'update.zip'
      2. Copy the zip to the microSD card (make sure it is in the root folder)

    3. Put the microSD card into the MK808 and choose the update/install option.
    4. Let CM10 install and reboot. Voila! You should have CM10 installed now!

    * FLASH KERNEL * -- Original Source
    1. Coming Soon!!

    * INSTALL GAPPS * -- Original Source
    1. Download GAPPS collection from http://d-h.st/pmW
      1. Put zip file onto root of microSD card.
      2. Reboot into Flash Mode using CM10 power manager.
      3. Select 'Install from zip on sdcard' option and point to the zip file.
      4. Once installed, Reboot and you should be able to customize what GAPPS you want with the apk that has been installed. (NOTE: I have not actually done this yet, it is just how it should work!)

    * ALL DONE!! *

    Please let me know if there is any missing/wrong information! I am still learning myself!

    ~ Nick

    I was running a CM10 for a bit but it was missing features that are in the Finless 1.5a like right mouse mapped as back button and a bunch of little things like that. Also it was hard to get setup the way I wanted because anything I changed I started to get FCs. Maybe this is a newer version of CM10? Might try again once ClockWorkMod can restore on the 808. Right now I can backup, but restore always fails at system.
    TV Stick: MK808 // Tronsmart T428
    ROM: Finless 1.7c w/Pimp My Rom // Nexus SDK2 Multi-Window v1.2
    CPU: @1.6GHz OnDemand Governor NOOP I/O Scheduler
    Recovery: ClockworkMod
    Kernel: Omegamoon // 1080p OC kernel 720ddr 1.9cpu
    Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note II
    ROM: Whompasaurus v4.2
    Kernel: Persus


      Wow, these are old posts. I have a CWM version that works great on my mk808b, and do nandroid backups and restores of every rom I've put on it. Has saved my butt a few times. Would love a good functioning CM 10.1 or newer. Now I have a mk908 to watch TV on, I'll have to try this.