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Which is the Best TV Box for Gaming?

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    Which is the Best TV Box for Gaming?

    I have been working and playing with My HTC-T012-V1 2013-07-16 about a year or so... and I must mention.. i am enjoying same only because of all the help which i received from this forum.

    i am looking for one similar gaming version. I was initially thinking about XBox or PS4. I think i didn't like the way these devices are made so specific to their platforms second reason is brand factor. Unless someone explorer the new devices they will never get to know what these devices are capable of.

    Here are my requirements:

    Processor - Need a decent one. Not looking for something like "has to be latest" but at the same time, it should not lack and fail when playing games.
    RAM - 2 GB
    Graphics - I am happy with Mali-MP400 / Mail-450.. Leaving this option open as I really don;t understand how that works.
    ROM: 8 / 16 GB
    Bluetooth - Required
    WIFI - should work - preferably n class
    OS - Android/Linux
    HDMI/s - Required
    In Built webcam - Required for Video calls
    SD Card slot - required

    Please suggest.

    Thank you.

    S a r v e s h

    when i upgrade my samsung tab3 it will be with something like this. this thing just looks killer to me.


      I brought a T8-AML-V2 from a while back and I'm looking at playing older N64 games on it, would it be possible?


        One of the rk3288 boxes would be good paired with Logitech webcam. Or if you can afford I would get a nvidia shield console
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