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working games for neox5

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    working games for neox5

    neox5 with 4.0.4
    added rom version# where i could see it,
    i will list games that dont work as i remember them.
    feel free to use list as a start and add to it.

    fruit ninja
    cut the rope-1.4 paid
    plants vs zombies
    jetpack joyride
    turbo kids
    road trip 2(and i assume road trip 1)
    angry birds 2.2.0
    angry brds space 1.2.1
    pudding monster,
    bubble x slice
    zombie dash
    slice ice(menu screen is stretched funny,but it works)

    non working games
    wreck it ralph
    wheres my water
    snowman story darkside
    puppet warfare
    extreme jumping finn (adventure time)
    hoverboard hero
    Call of Mini - Zombies v1.0
    subway surfer
    temple run 2
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    4.0.4 FW

    Angry Birds ALL VERSIONS
    Family Feud and Friends < Fun on Big Screen for family Play
    The Price is Right Slots


      Thanks for providing the list. I hope the list it will grow..
      And I think the list will be same for MK808 as well..

      The games that don't work on my MK808 :-
      Subway Surfer
      Temple Run 2 (haven't tried 1)


        Some games that work on my MX2, I asume these should work on most similiar tv sticks.

        A Space Shooter
        Air Attack HD Lite
        Mystery Manor
        Sector Strike

        Another game just called Shooter works but it is stretched too much and looks funny.

        Hope to see this list grow!


          i cant edit the op to add anymore,
          but keep them coming,
          once worth it,i will send a full list to admin to update.
          i will add more as the kids find them too


            On MK808, Finless 1.6

            Jet Set Radio does not work

            If interested i tested some emulators too

            ePSXe (PlayStation 1) works fine
            Snes9x EX+ (Super Nintendo / Super NES) works fine
            MAME4droid Reloaded (Arcade games) works fine

            All of them work with USB joypad.


              More games that work

              Here are some more games that work with a mouse:

              Game Name - Game Type
              Broken Sword Directors Cut - Point and Click Adventure
              Yesterday - Point and Click Adventure
              Weird Park: Broken Tune - Point and Click Adventure
              Voodoo Whisperer - Point and Click mixed with Hidden Object
              Devil's Attorney - Strategy
              Great Big War Game - Strategy
              Waking Mars - Logic
              Dummy Defense - Logic
              Greedy Spiders - Logic
              Bridge Constructor - Logic
              Movie Cat - Trivia
              Who Becomes Rich - Trivia
              Song Pop - Trivia
              Scramble with friends - Board Game
              Word Rider - Word Game