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Add touch screen support for Six Axis/Joy Center to my ROMs

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    Originally posted by Finless View Post
    There was a problem with my 01touch script. It is now fixed!
    New download file name is


    Hey guys, in another thread someone pointed out this virtual touch screen KO modules that is suppose to work with TV players and Sixaxis controller APP.

    See here:

    Now his instructions don't quite work and you have to do it on every boot!
    However if your using one of my ROMs it has init.d script support we can have it install on every boot

    1) This module only works on 4.1.1. It will not insmod on 4.2.2 ROMs.
    2) You must be running a ROM that supports init.d for the instructions to work. Like one of my ROMs.
    3) I HAVE NOT TESTED THIS MYSELF with sixaxis yet! So please provide feedback on how well it work PLEASE!
    I have tested the instructions below and the ko module does inject into the kernel.

    Here is how to do it.
    FOLLOW these instructions to the letter or it wont work.

    What you need:
    1) Install ES file explorer from Google Play
    2) Install Android Terminal Emulator from Google Play
    3) Download this kit I made for you. It has the init.d script and the touch.ko module

    4) Unzip this file and copy touch.ko and 01touch to your SDcard.

    5) Run ES File Explorer and go into settings in ES file explorer and at the bottom Root settings
    Turn on Root Explorer. Be sure to answer YES to the SuperUser prompt
    Turn on Up to Root
    Turn on Mount system RW

    6) Using ES file Explorer navigate to your SDcard.
    7) Long press on the touch.ko file and select copy
    8) Back up to root and go into /system/lib/modules and press the paste button. ES file explorer should say file copied successfully. Now ES has a little bug. You wont see the file in there. So back up one directory level and go back into /modules and now you will see it. (They need to fix that bug!)
    9) Long press on the touch.ko file and in the list scroll down to the bottom and select properties
    10) In this dialog click the "change" button to set permissions
    11) Set all the READ boxes. Set the first WRITE box. Leave the other boxes unchecked
    OK KO module is now ready.

    12) Navigate back to your SDcard and long press on 01touch. Select copy
    13) back up to root and navigate to /system/etc/init.d
    14) Press the paste button and ES file explorer should say filed copied successfully. Now again, ES has a little bug. You wont see the file in there. So back up one directory level and go back into /init.d and now you will see it.
    15) Long press on the 01touch file and again select properties from the list.
    16) Again click the change button to set permissions
    17) This time click ALL the boxes except the last WRITE box.
    OK init.d script is ready!

    Now lets test that the init.d script worked and the module is injected into the kernel
    1) Reboot
    2) Run Android Terminal Emulator
    3) At the prompt type
    4) Remember to say YES to the SuperUser root prompt!
    5) Now type
    6) It will list all install KO modules. In the list you should see virtual_touchscreen

    That's it! your good to go.
    If you ever want to not have the KO module installed simply go into the init.d folder and rename 01touch to 01touch.old and the script will no longer run on boot.

    Hi Bob,
    Link to .zip file seems to be broken


      Originally posted by Adisopot View Post
      Hi Bob,
      Link to .zip file seems to be broken
      Me too. I desperately need this file


        Originally posted by evilsephiroth View Post
        Me too. I desperately need this file
        Bob, Any Chance for help ? Thnx in advance