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how to delete all game data?

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    how to delete all game data?

    Hi, ok i downloaded shipwrecked to play on my mk 808 and everything was working great, but then it ran into a problem where tiles went missing and i could not build anything there, so i thought i would just uninstall the game and reinstall it and start again, but when i started instead of being a fresh new game it was how it was before, so i need to know where the game data is, how to access it and delete.
    please help, my wife loves these kind of games and wants to get back into it (also she's driving me mad lol)

    I don't know the game, but usually the game directory is on the internal SD or more rare, if it is a custom rom, perhaps on the external SD. Uninstall the game, delete the directory complete with a file explorer and finally reinstall the game. After that you have the fresh game without any game data.