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Wired generic PS gamepad, setup for MK808

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    Wired generic PS gamepad, setup for MK808

    Hi Everybody,

    I was wondering if anyone can help me with a little issue I'm having with a gamepad and MK808. When I plug it in...I can move the direction but no cursor comes out. Also, I'm some of the buttons don't work. Has anyone experienced this?? Can anyone help?? I have no idea how to setup the gamepad.


    Basically you are going to need atleast a usb mouse to navigate with. The game pad you have will only work with games that have gamepad support. You will need to use the mouse to select the menus and setup the gamepad inside of the game. When not in the game, the game pad is useless. There are only a few games with game pad support. Shadowgun, Dead Trigger. GTA III, and shadowgun deadzone. However with deadzone you will need droidmote to select on the menu's since it doesn't register mouse clicks for menu's. Hope this helps.