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Lakka - A DIY OpenELEC/ RetroArch Based Console Gaming Emulator Distribtion - Runs On ARM and Other H/W.

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    Lakka - A DIY OpenELEC/ RetroArch Based Console Gaming Emulator Distribtion - Runs On ARM and Other H/W.

    Lakka is a work in progress.
    Just a casual gamer myself, but I thought some may be interested.
    Linked from Distrowatch.

    Lakka's site.

    Supported hardware.

    I have to say I'm quite amazed by the sheer value these boxes offer.
    And the strong interest from some very clever people here and elsewhere.

    I picked up a Beelink MiniMXIII for a mere £35.

    4K@60Hz, 2GB RAM, WiFi + Gigabit Ethernet, etc, etc.

    All the usual Kodi tricks, game emulation, LibreELEC, ARMbian and so much more!

    WiFi was rubbish out of the box - 8Mb from 3 feet away.
    Easily rectified by flashing the Minix U1 port - 20Mb with the router upstairs.
    DroidMote works quite well as cheap alternative to an air mouse/keyboard.
    Ordered an XBOX 360 controller which I hope will work.

    The Amlogic S905 seems to able to handle anything up to a PSP with relative ease.
    The SNES is probably the best game console of all time; but I might try out a few Amiga 500+ classics.

    Sadly the penta-core Mali-450 will never be be quick enough to emulate Gamecube or Wii (it lacks OpenGL ES 3.0) but what can apart from a Shield?

    Hoping that we might see something like this appear in time:

    A dual booting linux/android system would be a very impressive feat indeed.

    If only I knew more about Linux =\
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      Hello mwnn, Welcome to Freaktab.

      Yes this tech is amazing for its capabilities compared to size and cost. Lots of fun too.
      ​​​​​​And as you have found, they provide ample opportunity to expand the troubleshooting abilities inside us all.

      Freaktab member balbes150 and others have brought many options to the S905. I like to use his boot/run from SD card or Flash drive versions of Linux and OpenELEC/LibreELEC. But he has version that can be burned to the box too. I think I remember seeing your box covered, but not sure. He has a universal multi-boot that works on many models of S905. As a media player, the S905 runs very well on OE/LE, playing HD Audio that the S905 doesn't generally do well with under Android.

      As you stated, the Mali450 is a capable gamer to a point. The Mali 760 is more capable in this area, having more than 3x the throughput. But devices with 760(RK3288)are considerably more expensive. That, and of course, there is more to performance than horsepower.

      Hope you are able to avoid the TV box bug. Many o​​​f us were infected from the bite and have been getting more and more boxes ever since.