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Help mapping TWO USB Gamepad with .kl files

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    Help mapping TWO USB Gamepad with .kl files

    Hi. I have a generic MXQ 4K Rockchip 3229 based box with Android 5.1. I also have 2 controllers, one original PS3 Dualshock (connected via USB) and another generic USB replica (Microntek USB joystick). I like to play some SNES games and I used the SNESoid emulator, it worked fine for me, and also have options to map the inputs. Any controller/gamepad I can make it work solo, but the two...

    Well, any of the controllers are recognized by the system, with the directional pads working normally, and in the case of Dualshock, the "X" button works as 'ENTER' and "O" working as something like a return button. The rest of the buttons was remapped using this tutorial here (, so every button is ok now, and I mapped anyway I want inside the SNES emulator.

    But for the "Microntek" gamepad, I can't make it work in the emulator. If I don't use some key layout files for it, the directional pad work fine, but none of the buttons works. If I map with a .kl file, the 2 controllers dpad conflict with each other - when the player 1 push right, player 2 also goes right, and so on.

    Any of the gamepads are native supported, so was no need to use Tincore Keymapper or USB/BT Motion Joy or Sixaxis apk, but I tried some with no sucess.

    Any gamepads returns the keycodes and scancodes when a button is pressed in the KeyTest app. But when for the Dualshock the d-pad returns some scancodes values between 292 to 295, for the Microntek all the pads (right, left, down, up) returns scancode = 0. So i can't map the directional pad in a .kl file. Any hints?

    Below my .kl files:
    # Vendor_054c_Product_0268.kl
    # PS3 Dualshock

    key 292 DPAD_UP
    key 293 DPAD_RIGHT
    key 294 DPAD_DOWN
    key 295 DPAD_LEFT

    key 300 BUTTON_Y
    key 301 BUTTON_B
    key 302 BUTTON_A
    key 303 BUTTON_X

    key 298 BUTTON_L1
    key 299 BUTTON_R1
    key 296 BUTTON_L2
    key 297 BUTTON_R2

    key 288 BUTTON_SELECT
    key 291 BUTTON_START
    # Vendor_0079_Product_0006.kl

    key 288 BUTTON_Y
    key 289 BUTTON_B
    key 290 BUTTON_A
    key 291 BUTTON_X

    key 292 BUTTON_L1
    key 293 BUTTON_R1
    key 294 BUTTON_L2
    key 295 BUTTON_R2

    key 296 BUTTON_SELECT
    key 297 BUTTON_START

    Problem solved using another emulator for SNES (Snes9x EX 1.5.27 -, allowing to map multiple gamepads.