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Gamepad button always open [Home/Music/etc] app

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    Gamepad button always open [Home/Music/etc] app


    My last topic about gamepads and TV boxes was in 2017, since then I bought 2 another boxes, Beelink MXIII II beeing the most used. Many gamepad problems was "fixed" buying a iPega 9076. But... I have another 3 gamepads....

    And in this box, two USB generic PS3 gamepads (Microntek USB Joystick and ShanWan USB Wireless Gamepad) have a unwanted behavior: both opens some app when a button is pressed, even if they are in a game: the "triangle" button calls some app a virtual keybord, the "circle" button calls the music app, and the "x" button goes back the the app drawer.

    I try to map the buttons with a keylayout.kl file, but this behavior keeps hapening. So I deleted every .kl file and every .kcm file excepct the generic.kl and generic.kcm, rebooted. Same behavior. Searched in the generic's file some mapping with this scancodes, nothing found. Checked permissions, another possible .kl ou .kcm files on another directories, but none was found.
    WHAT COULD POSSIBLE CALLING THIS APKs? I have no idea. Attached is the generics.
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