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tnt key dvb on open hour chameleon

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    tnt key dvb on open hour chameleon

    Hello everybody, i bought this nice box, i have installed Lubuntu but i want to know how can i install my TNT key (dvb avermedia a835b) because it appears in the list "lsusb" but no on the list "dmesg | grep dvb" ...

    so lubuntu detect it liteblue like peripheral usb and no like TNT key.

    Does anyone has the solution please? there are an other linux can we install? thanks in advance
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      This might help you: I am using Mythbuntu and had the same problem with the 5834 byte firmware file dvb-usb-it9135-02.fw.

      Instead, I tried the method for installing the firmware explained by aesses in the following link (in French):

      It results in a slightly smaller version of the dvb-usb-it9135-02.fw file (5817 bytes only) and worked OK for me.

      Please note that I have a hardware revision of the tuner that might differ a bit from yours - Avermedia A835B(3835), id 07ca:3835:


        Open Hour Chameleon is yet another Rockchip RK3288 based Android TV box, but it comes with aluminum enclosure, and boots from SD card instead of internal storage like all other devices I’ve seen on the market so far. Cloud Media (previously Syabas) also have a long history of making Linux based media players based on Sigma Designs processor, and when I worked on IPTV products, we used their PopCorn Hour has comparison platforms. So we should probably expect some interesting customization and features from the company. I’ve already posted pictures of Chameleon box and its board, so today, I’ll focus on reporting my experience with Android 4.4, and later I may also try their Lubuntu image.